Why Fans Are PISSED With the New ‘DWTS’ Voting System

Julia Delbel | Talent Recap

Dancing With the Stars is changing up the voting and elimination system this season, but not everyone is happy with the new format. In fact, it may end up having the opposite effect it was intended to…

After Season 27 ended with the shocking win of radio host Bobby Bones – one of the worst dancers of the season – the show has made some alterations to the format. These include more realistic (AKA lower) scores being given out, the judges saving one person from the bottom 2 every week, and a “live fan vote”.

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess announced as winners of Dancing With the Stars Season 27

‘DWTS’ Is Getting Mixed Reviews From Everyone

All of these changes have been getting mixed reviews (if this season is supposed to be focused on good dancing, why did the judges save the team with the lower total score of the bottom 2?) but the one that has gotten by far the most backlash is the new voting system. Here’s how it’s described on the DWTS website:

Voting begins on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT where your votes will help determine which couples will continue dancing in the competition. This vote will be online at ABC.com and by SMS text. Both methods of voting will end during the last commercial break of the live ET/CT broadcast, shortly after all couples have danced. Each week, voting is open only during the live broadcast in the Eastern and Central time zones and will not be available during later broadcasts in the Mountain, Pacific, Alaska or Hawaii time zones. 

Okay, hold up. Not only have they taken call-in voting away (believe it or not, a lot of people – especially people in the main ‘DWTS’ demographic – still don’t have cell phones to use for texting and internet access) but the voting period begins and ends during the Eastern and Central broadcast of the program. (Previously, voting was open until sometime the next day.) That means the elimination will have already happened by the time the other four times zones get to watch the episode, which means they won’t be able to see the dances before they vote! WHAT!?

Twitter Fans Are Upset With ‘DWTS’


‘DWTS’ will implement live vote?

DWTS’ has implemented this sort of live vote in the past, but never for an entire season. They keep saying they want the show to be about dancing instead of popularity, but by not allowing half the country to see the routines before voting, they’re sort of encouraging them to vote on popularity, or even worse, basically not giving them a real say at all. (That’s certainly not the way to go if they want their slipping ratings to improve.)

How do you feel about the new rules of ‘DWTS’? Let us know in the comments below!


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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