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Chrissy Teigen Says “We Got So Lucky” With Four Kids, Following Trip to Mexico

John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen at the 2023 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at Washington Hilton on April 29, 2023 in Washington, DCPhoto by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

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After embarking on a summer vacation as a family of six, Chrissy Teigen can’t help but be thankful for having the most cooperative babies. According to the cookbook author, their youngest children, Esti and Wren, are now the easiest parts of their household.

Chrissy Teigen Says Their Babies Are “Easiest Parts” of Their Family

Even though traveling with kids is not new to Teigen and Legend, packing with four children is no joke. Nonetheless, Teigen says they’re fortunate enough to have two game babies amid their trip.

“We just got back from a little trip to Mexico. We actually planned this a long time ago before we knew that we’d have the type of babies that could do this kind of thing,” she said. “But luckily, we got so lucky with Esti and Wren that they are actually the easiest parts of our family now.”

Teigen and Legend now share four kids — seven-year-old Luna, four-year-old Miles, seven-month-old Esti, and 10-week-old Wren. Weeks after they welcomed Wren to the world, Legend family had already decided to enjoy a cozy getaway together. Last month, the family of six spent a tropical getaway together in Mexico.

“Wren is just such a sleepy love bug. I think he’s still meant to be in the tummy — he really doesn’t seem to wake up for much, but now he’s getting much more aware. His eyes are really present and really focused,” Teigen said.

Teigen also shared that her seven-month-old daughter, Esti, was “ready to live and thrive.” The cookbook author then gushed about her third born being sweet and smiley all the time.

Teigen is also grateful for her two older kids. She deemed Luna and Miles as the “coconuts” of the group.

“They’re crazy, bonkers and a lot to keep up with, but they help us so much with the babies,” she said.

She Says Her Family is Now “Solid”

There’s no doubt in Teigen’s mind that she and John Legend ended up with the right amount of children. Travelling to Mexico for a few weeks as a family of six has made her look forward to her family’s future.

“What’s great is knowing that our family is solid now. Hopefully, there’s no new changes in the next year and this is our tight number now,” she said.

After their trip, Luna and Miles bonded together to seize the last few weeks of summer at camp. This has given Teigen the opportunity to savor special moments with Esti and Wren.

Despite having good dynamics with her kids at present, Teigen knows that things are “gonna get harder” as they grow older. Nevertheless, she choses to look at the brighter side of things.

“You never know what to expect, but I’m really happy that we did that for them and for us. It was really fun, even though it is nice to be home and be around all of our own stuff again,” she said.

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