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Celebrities We’d Love to See as a New Coach on ‘The Voice’

Harry Styles at the Los Angeles Premiere Of "My Policeman"Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Throughout 23 Seasons of The Voice, fans have seen various celebrities give encouragement or add humorous flairs. Their presence has always been a happy surprise, and fans would certainly want to see more influential people on the show. From Miley Cyrus, to Shakira, to Ariana Grande, The Voice has always been able to get some of the best talent in Hollywood. Now that the show is shaking it up without Blake Shelton, here’s a few new celebrities we’d love to see as a coach.

Celebrities We’d Love to See as a New Coach on The Voice

1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles has definitely served as an inspiration for many young artists, from his beginnings on The X Factor UK, to time with One Direction and his current solo career. It would be amazing to have on the first ever Team Harry on the show. Specifically, we’re hoping to see Styles join the show while Niall Horan is a coach, just for the One Direction fans viewing pleasure.

2. Olivia Rodrigo

With her current status as an upcoming pop princesses in the industry, Olivia Rodrigo’s input is clearly worth listening to. In previous years, her songs have been used by many The Voice contestants during their performances. Her appearance on the show is doubtlessly desirable.

3. Beyonce

First of all, who wouldn’t want Beyonce to appear on The Voice? With her boundary-pushing artistry and cemented musicality in the industry, even her short-lived presence on the show will be iconic.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen

Alongside other staple Hollywood singers, Carly Rae Jepsen is a singer most aspiring vocalists would want to meet. Her experience in music is indubitably impressive and contestants will certainly want to know some tips from her.

5. Billie Eilish

With her daunting and chilling vocals, Billie Eilish has cemented herself as one of the sought-after artists of her generation. If she will ever grace The Voice, it will be a good memory for the fans and contestants.

6. Carrie Underwood

As one of the most successful artists that originated from a competition show, Carrie Underwood is no less than an inspiration. It’s no secret that many country singers join The Voice to kick off their journey. If Underwood can make her presence felt on the show, it will serve as a great morale boost for the contenders.

7. Brooks & Dunn

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn may not be a musical duo anymore, but they can perhaps have a little reunion on The Voice. The two have successfully flourished in their solo career after the disbandment, thanks to their phenomenal individual talent. Should the famous country duo want to grace the show, their presence will undeniably be fantastic.

8. George Strait

A famous and relevant figure in the country music industry, George Strait’s appearance would be interesting. His expertise in music is established, and contestants will absolutely want to hear a thing or two from him.

9. Justin Bieber

As an artist who basically grew up in front of the cameras, Justin Bieber knew exactly what goes on behind the stage. His sharpened talent alone is an encouragement to many. Hence, is he can grace The Voice one day, fans and contestants will be lucky to witness his appearance.

10. Adele

Adele’s songs have frequently been used by artists auditioning on The Voice for years. If she’ll ever be invited to show herself up on the series, her appearance will be much-anticipated.

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