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‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Prodigy Impresses Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk

Reese Nelson on Canada's Got TalentCityTV/ Canada's Got Talent

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A ten-year-old skater from Calgary, Alberta named Reese Nelson, has been skating since she was four years old. Her passion for skating has taken her to new heights. Including being mentored by the legendary skater Tony Hawk himself during her Canada’s Got Talent audition.

Contestant Impresses Tony Hawk

Reese’s talent was on full display on the stage of CGT, where she showcased her unique abilities on a video reel. After watching the impressive video, judge Howie Mandel couldn’t help but brag to the best in the business, Hawk.

Hawk was blown away by Reese’s performance and her potential as a future verte skating star. He praised her as the “future of vert skating” and expressed his excitement to see what she will achieve in the future.

Reese’s journey to the CGT stage wasn’t an easy one. She moved from Calgary to California to pursue her dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. With dedication and hard work, she was able to secure a mentorship with Hawk himself.

Reese’s love for skating and her determination to succeed have made her a role model for young skaters all over the world. Her impressive performance on CGT proves that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing your dreams.


The Skateboarding Icon Mentors The CGT Skateboarder

Hawk is a legend in the skateboarding world, known for his incredible skills and contributions to the sport. But he’s also a mentor to up-and-coming skaters, including ten-year-old Nelson. Hawk’s mentorship of Nelson is just one example of how the skateboarding community supports and encourages young talent.

Hawk first became aware of Nelson’s talent when she started skating for his company. He was impressed by her skills and offered to mentor her, providing guidance and support as she continues to develop as a skater.

In fact, Hawk has been so impressed by Nelson’s progress that he’s taken to social media to share his admiration. In a recent Instagram post, Hawk shared a video of him teaching Nelson a new trick. With mentors like Hawk and others, young skaters have the opportunity to learn from the best and also continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the sport.

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