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Sexy Roller Skating Duo Leaves ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Judges in Awe

Jan and Sven auditions for 'Australia's Got Talent''Australia's Got Talent' via Instagram

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Australia’s Got Talent judges were left astonished after a married couple showcased their one-of-a-kind roller skating act in the newest episode of the season. The strangely erotic but entertaining performance shocked the audience and judges, especially Kate Ritchie who was perplexed by the performance.

The Act is 50 Shades Of Roller Skating

Jan and Sven are a married couple that performs jaw-dropping roller skating acts for a living. The couple considers themselves roller skating acrobats and has performed on various shows around the world.

The two are performers in Cirque du Soleil, Absinthe Vegas, and have even performed on Georgia’s Got Talent. This time they traveled to Sydney to shock the Australia’s Got Talent world by showcasing their talent on the bigger stage.

Describing their act as “a mix of sexy, danger and breathtaking,” they already caught everyone’s attention with Jan’s sexy outfit. As they began their performance, the live audience and judges were at the edge of their seats when the couple spun around in roller skates in various positions, each much more shocking than the last. It is noteworthy how the two remained unfazed and not dizzy despite heedlessly spinning around for a couple of minutes.

The act received a standing ovation from all judges except Ritchie who remained sitting down. David Walliams asked Ritchie if she enjoyed the performance to which she claimed she did.

“I really enjoyed it,” Ritchie said. “There is something strangely erotic about it.”

Walliams then jokingly said that there’s nothing strangely about it, and that the act was just erotic. Overall, the act was enjoyed by everyone watching and got four “yes,” votes from the judges.

Ritchie Awards Her Golden Buzzer to Another Duo Act

Another breathtaking albeit less erotic acrobatic act wowed the judges and walked away with Ritchie’s Golden Buzzer. The Ramadhani brothers are another acrobatic duo this time hailing from Tanzania.

“I can’t even string a sentence together because I’ve never seen anything like it ever in my life,” Ritchie said.  

The brothers showcased an amazing display of balance, strength and endurance as they wowed the judges and audience. The shocked judges gave a standing ovation to the performance, with Alesha Dixon literally standing on top the judges desk.

“Tonight a legend was born in this act with these two amazing performers,” Walliams said.

After receiving three “yes,” votes from Dixon, Walliams and Shane Jacobson. Ritchie pressed the Golden Buzzer.

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