‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Recap: The Last Semifinal Was a Wild Ride

Julia Delbel | Talent Recap

Tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent semifinal was the last of the week, and there were definitely some ups and downs.

Let’s take a look at who competed for the remaining places in Sunday’s final!


We had a lot of fun watching this performance. The dancing, energy, and tambourine-in-the-face whacking were all top-notch. The judges were clearly enjoying themselves as well, with Simon making the – very bold – prediction Gonzo would be the winner of Britain’s Got Talent this series. Wow!


Once again, we saw the “I knew you were going to choose ___” routine as we have several times over this week, but, as with X’s audition, it was the connection tricks between Ant and Dec that truly made this a standout performance. The judges were all shocked and amazed by what X pulled off tonight.

Jacob Jones

His song tonight was nice, but we have to agree with Amanda that it wasn’t as good as his audition and Jacob seems to be leaning on his story to survive over his talent. And he sort of proved this after the judges’s comments, when he chose that moment to announce that he and his fiancée are expecting a baby.

Fabulous Sisters

Their dance routine was pretty cool, but not quite as good as their audition. Simon wasn’t a fan, especially of the music, but the other judges praised them for their performance.

Leanne Mya

It was great that Leanne seemed to get over her nerves between her audition and now, but we weren’t really feeling the vocals in this performance. The judges, on the other hand, were obsessed, and awarded her lots of high praise.

Barbara Nice

This performance was an absolute riot from start to finish, from the comedy, to the dancing, to the crowd surfing. The judges thought it was hilarious and the crowd went wild for it all.

Libby and Charlie

Libby and Charlie did a fun, classic Broadway-style dance routine. While it was a bit repetitive, they only had a couple of days to prepare since they were replacements for an act who had to drop out of the competition at the last minute. The judges thought the duo did a great job.

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan brought David up on stage after announcing he’d be saving his life during a game he dubbed “blindfold chicken with crossbows”. This act had everyone – especially David and the other judges – terrified, but thankfully it went off without a hitch!

There seem to be a few contenders for those places in the finals tonight, including X, Leanne Mya, Jonathan Goodwin, and judging by the crowd in the auditorium, maybe even Barbara Nice. We’ll also find out who the wildcard act becoming the eleventh finalist is during the results show starting at 9:30 pm. In the meantime, you can learn more about how to vote for your favorite acts here.


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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