‘Bring The Funny’ Recap: New Round Alert – The Comedy Clash

Lauren Ashley Beck
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The comedy clash round hit airwaves on Bring The Funny Tuesday night. In this epic face-off comedian’s battled it out on the BTF stage for a spot in the next phase of the competition. Here’s how it all went down.

Jeff Foxworthy – Bring The Funny: Comedy Clash

Jarred Fell vs. Randy Feltface

Jarred Fell vs. Randy Feltface – Bring The Funny: Comedy Clash

Jarred Fell hit the stage by way of magic, set to impress the Bring The Funny audience once more with his unique spin on comedy. In addition to impressing the judges, Fell wowed the audience yet again with his sleight of hand abilities.

Waiting in the wings was the purple puppet from down under, Randy Feltface. Randy continues to Bring The Funny every single time he hits the stage. In tonight’s comedy clash round, Feltface covers a topic that we all know and love (or not) — rating your experience.

Bring The Funny viewers nationwide agree that Randy will always take the cake.

Bring The FunnyComedy Clash
Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen, and Jeff Foxworthy – Bring The Funny

JK Studios vs. Kids These Days

JK Studios vs Kids These Days

“You can’t take care of your enemies, if you don’t take care of yourself,” according to JK Studios hilarious act Tuesday night. The sketch comedy group hit the stage dressed in Viking attire with a unique way to face off with their “enemies”…yoga and dream journaling. Definitely one of the best sketch acts we’ve seen on Bring The Funny thus far.

Audiences seem impressed, naming JK Studios as one of the acts that definitely should advance.

Bring The Funny

JK studios faced off against Kids These Days, which was one of my favorite acts from the very first time they stepped on the BTF stage. All things considered they definitely brought their A-game tonight. Unfortunately, after performing their take on boy bands the judges were left wanting more.

Morgan Jay vs. Kristin Key

Morgan Jay vs. Kristin Key

First things first, Morgan Jay has an amazing voice! Okay glad we got that out of the way! Is this a singing competition or a comedy show?

Kenan Thompson – Bring The Funny

While Morgan CLEARLY has amazing vocals, is that enough to compete against other top notch comics? The judges love what Morgan brings to the table, but I have to admit I’m not convinced…yet. It seems as though viewers aren’t convinced either.

Bring The Funny – Comedy Clash

Up next? Kristen Key. One thing I am grateful for is that the acts match up to one another. While I think Kristen told some funny jokes, her act unfortunately fell short of winning in this round.

Tacarra Williams vs. Jesus Trejo

Tacarra Willaims vs. Jesus Trejo

Stand up comedian Tacarra Williams proved to be a break out star in The Open Mic Night portion of the competition and tonight was no different. Tacarra has no problem getting up close and personal about her ‘major weight loss’ and keeps the audience roaring with laughter with each punch-line.

Williams took on seasoned stand up comic Jesus Trejo. Trejo is as equally as funny, so it was definitely a toss up as to who would take this round. Ultimately though, Williams emerged as victor.

The Acts That Advanced

The acts that advanced tonight are JK Studios, Morgan Jay, Jarred Fell, and Tacarra Williams.

Randy Feltface Snubbed

That’s right, we are so sad to report that our favorite Aussie puppet did not advance to the next round. Twitter is LITERALLY up in arms over what fans are calling a HUGE mistake.

Is there any way we could get a do-over? Randy was one of the funniest acts on the show and I think losing him could be a major blow and Twitter fingers seem to agree.

It looks like Bring The Funny is finally heating up! Tune in to Bring The Funny Tuesday nights, at 10pm.

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