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Hilarious Sneak Peek Of ‘Bring The Funny’ Comedy Clash! Is This What The Show Needed?

Bring The Funny comedy clash Randy Feltface Jarred FellNBC

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Comedian’s will go head-to-head in the next round of NBC’s Bring The Funny – Comedy Clash. Will a puppet batteling a funny magician the saving grace for the show? Checkout the hilarious sneak peek of this weeks comedy clash round. Is this what the show needed?

‘Bring The Funny’ Comedy Clash: Randy Feltface vs. Jarred Fell

Competition show fans from around the world are tweeting their cries for one thing from Bring The Funny…laughter. The biggest critisizm of the new comedy competition show is summed up best in this fan’s tweet:

Bring The Funny

Since its premiere Bring The Funny has yet to deliver according to viewers. There were some giggles here and some chuckles there, but is that enough for a show who’s main premise is to “Bring The Funny”? Kenan Thompson says…

bring the funny comedy clash randy feltface
Bring The Funny – Kenan Thompson

However, that could all change in this weeks “Comedy Clash” episode. Bring The Funny dropped a teaser to give the fans an inside look at the upcoming comedy clash round and it seems that this may be exactly what the show needed. They are stepping up their game!

Comedy Clash: Jarred Fell vs. Randy Feltface

In this sneak peek video, Magician Jarred Fell faces off against Puppet, Randy Feltface.

Bring The Funny Comedy Clash: Randy Feltface vs. Jarred Fell

Fell asks SNL frontman and BTF judge, Kenan Thompson to join him on stage. Using an imaginary deck of cards Kenan plays along with Fell’s act. After an awkward lunge and a toss in the air, a real deck of cards magically falls into Fell’s hands. “See that, you’re gonna blow my mind,” Kenan says.

bring the funny comedy clash randy feltface jarred fell
GettyImages Bring The Funny – Jarred Fell

Who Is Jarred Fell?

According to NBC, Fell fell in love with magic at the tender age of 11.

Fell defines himself as, “An adult’s Comedian Magician who has been making a name for himself worldwide with his extreme approach to Comedy and Magic.” The Auckland New Zealand native has headlined in venues from around the world.

bring the funny comedy clash randy feltface jarred fell
NBC Bring The Funny – Jarred Fell

Additionally, Fell has received awards in both the magic and comedy worlds and continues to be a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Next up? Randy Feltface. The bald purple puppet from the land down under starts off with a relatable topic that we all know too well — rating your experience.

bring the funny comedy clash randy feltface jarred fell

Who Is Randy Feltface?

Randy Feltface is a popular puppet in Aussie land. In addition to making several appearances on Australian Television, Feltface is also apart of a musical comedy duo called Sammy J and Randy.

Operated and voiced by Heath McIvor, Feltface has made his mark on the comedic world. Now, Randy has his sites set across the pond, and plans to keep America laughing on Bring The Funny.

bring the funny comedy clash randy feltface jarred fell
NBC Bring The Funny – Randy Feltface

Both comedians got roaring laughter from the audience so its a complete toss up as to who will advance.

Bring The Funny is said to be a cross between America’s Got Talent and The Last Comic Standing. BTF is produced by David Friedman and Matilda Zoltowski partnered with Just For Laughs.

NBC’s latest competition show, showcases a series of already established performers. Acts like Frangela, Lewberger, and The Valley Folk have already made waves in digital and network spaces.

Bring The Funny – Frangela

Due to the success of these acts, audiences were expecting laughs to last a lifetime. Instead, they were left hanging on the edge of their seats, waiting for the perfect punch line.

After 4 open mic night episodes, 24 acts advanced to the next round titled, the comedy clash. We’re excited to see these acts face off, and hopefully they will Bring The Funny at last.

Bring The Funny – Judges Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy

Tune in to Bring The Funny on NBC Tuesdays, at 10pm.

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