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Ariana Grande is the Biggest Star to Coach on ‘The Voice’ and it Really Shows

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Calling all fans of The Voice, we finally got a good look at Ariana Grande as a coach! The Voice shared a video focusing on Grande coming into the season. With the show’s premiere in less than two weeks, it seems like the other coaches and audience are already fans of the star.

Ariana Grande Receives Warm Welcome on the NBC Set

One thing that is absolutely huge in this video is the amount of crowd support for the new coach. In this video, they share a clip of host, Carson Daly, introducing Grande on the panel for the first time. The crowd goes absolutely wild at any mention of this superstar. The reaction is so big that fellow coach Blake Shelton asks the audience if everyone is just obsessed with Grande.

Grande is radiating extreme excitement in this promotional video. She is seen grinning when talking about how she loves the show. It’s obvious that she is just as happy to be on The Voice as they are to have her.

In this special, she gets real with the camera. She talks about what she hopes to bring to the show for her team. Grande strives to bring joy and laughs to the audience as well as be a sounding board for her team.

“I hope I’m bringing some good advice,” said Grande. “I really just want to be helpful to these artists and help them execute their visions for their career and for their lives and for their sounds”

There’s no doubt in my mind that this superstar will be a great coach on this season. She talked about how much she loves watching the show, so I’d say she has some tricks up her sleeve. Time will only tell if Team Ariana will end up Victorious in the finale of the season.

The Other Coaches are Shaking in their Shoes, Who Doesn’t Want to Join Team Ariana?

Each of the other coaches had positive things to say about Grande. They spoke well on her career and how she radiates quick-witted humor in the studio. It’s very obvious that they’re excited to have Grande, but are terrified for her odds of winning. From the overwhelming amount of love Grande is already getting, will any of the contestants want to join Teams Kelly, Blake, or Legend?

“I’m pretty sure Ariana has like the most followers on the planet. I’m just saying, If I were you, I would want to go with someone whos going to get some mad voting action,” Kelly Clarkson said in the video.

Although it’s no secret that Grande’s social media has over 80 million followers, Grande interjected Clarkson’s statement. In this instance, Clarkson was advocating on behalf of Grande, so a contestant would choose her team. In the interjection, Grande mentioned that she didn’t want to bring her social media into the competition. After the slight pause, Clarkson finished out her speech. She shared that all of the other coaches are afraid of the new coach.

I’d say out of all of the other coaches, Shelton is the most afraid. In other promotion videos, he’s been seen getting pretty friendly to Grande. Probably in hopes that she’ll help sway contestants to choose his team. Since there’s such a love for Grande in the audience, there’s no way contestants won’t be compelled to join her team. She needs to be careful with how many people she chooses in the early auditions or else she might not spaces left near the end.

Make sure you don’t miss the premiere of season 21 of The Voice on September 20 and 21.

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