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‘American Song Contest’ Recap: ‘The Voice’ Winner Earns Second Jury Vote

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American Song Contest aired more outstanding original songs during the second episode of the series. This jam packed episode featured some familiar faces, including a singer from The Voice who went on to win the second ever American Song Contest jury vote.

At the end of American Song Contest‘s premiere, the hosts announced Hueston as the winner of the first jury vote. He was the first of four artists announced to continue on into the semi finals. Ahead of announcing the other artists, the hosts clarified that jury votes are combined with the public vote to determine which artists will continue. AleXa (Oklahoma), Michael Bolton (Connecticut), and Christian Pagán (Puerto Rico) will continue on to the semi final round.

The hosts reminded fans of the series that they will be bringing two artists back later in the season. They were vague on how to get artists back in the series. Instead, they stated that fans should continue to stream their favorite songs.

More Original Songs Stun the Audience

Two person group, courtship., representing Oregon began the second episode of the series. They performed “Million Dollar Smoothies,” a song inspired by how everything is double the price in Portland.

The next artist to take the stage was Jonah Prill representing Montana. He describes his genre as modern country music and was totally ready to show it off with “Fire It Up,” his summer anthem.

Enisa took the stage as a proud Brooklyn born and raised singer. Her song “Green Light” grabs inspiration from the way that any person can be successful in New York City. Following Enisa was the viral sensation out of the state of Nebraska, Jocelyn. She considers herself a pop singer songwriter and her song, “Never Alone” is an uplifting piece.

Cruz Rock representing the U.S. Virgin Islands sang “Celebrando,” inspired by his parents who come from different cultures. The english-spanish tune came alive on the stage with a bright light show and tons of background dancers. Up next was fourth generation cattle rancher Chloe Fredricks representing North Dakota. Her musical inspiration comes from her Native American ancestry.

Broderick Jones then popped out with a fast-paced, pop performance of his song “Tell Me” featuring Calio.

Macy Gray Finishes Out As Last Performer of the Night

Virginia native Almira Zaky infused R&B, pop, and soul into her song “Over You.” Following the Virginia native was King Kyote who proved Maine is more than just lobsters and lighthouses. His song “Get Out Alive” strives to feel like a campfire song with loads of soul.

Last but certainly not least, Grammy winner Macy Gray took the stage representing the state of Ohio. This Grammy Award winner performed alongside The California Jet Club and Maino for the original song “Every Night.” This song was upbeat featuring Gray’s beautifully unique vocals. This song definitely has the most catchy lyrics of all.

The Voice Winner Earns American Song Contest Jury Vote Following Amazing Performance

The Voice‘s Jordan Smith is representing Kentucky in American Song Contest. He has written a song for Eurovision winner Celine Dion, so he’s following in her footsteps on this show. Smith’s song “Sparrow” is about someone waiting for their time to shine. The uplifting lyrics of the song shined with Smith’s amazing voice.

At the end of the episode, the hosts shared tonight’s jury vote. The national jury chose Jordan Smith representing Kentucky to continue into the semi final round of the competition.

Fans will find out which artists will continue into the semi finals alongside Smith in the beginning of next episode. American Song Contest returns to NBC live on Monday, April 4 from 8 to 10 p.m. ET. Voting is now open until 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

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