‘American Idol’ Judges Give Singer Standing Ovation Mid-Song [VIDEO]

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American Idol Season 19 returned on Sunday night with another round of amazing auditions. Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan sent several more singers to Hollywood.

This week’s show featured some emotional auditions that brought the judges to tears. One of the performances even had them on their feet before the song was even over. Check out the night’s auditions below.

WATCH This Week’s ‘American Idol’ Auditions

Laila Mach

This 15-year-old singer looks up to Gabby Barrett, who wished her luck in a video message before her audition. Laila sang an original song that she called an “angrier version” of Gabby’s “I Hope.” Lionel Richie said it was a “great song.” Katy Perry said she could “go far.” Laila got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.


This singer is a soldier in the United States Army National Guard. For her audition, she performed “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer while dancing in a silver dress. Katy told Re’h she has “a real good shot.” She received three “yes” votes to go to Hollywood.


Michael Gerow

This 16-year-old singer performed an original song on the piano. Lionel complimented the “vulnerability” in Michael’s voice. Katy called him “an exceptional singer” with “swag.” She said he was “Top 10 material.” Michael got three votes to go to Hollywood.

Cameron McGhar

This high school cheerleader and pageant queen was raised by her grandmother after her mother started using drugs. For her audition, she sang “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town. The judges asked her to sing another song. Lionel said she wasn’t ready, and voted no. Katy and Luke Bryan voted yes, sending Cameron to Hollywood.


This singer had the support of his grandmother, who was involved in music at her husband’s church. He sang “Wait for the Moment” by Vulfpeck. Lionel said he wasn’t sure if it was for American Idol. Katy called him “a walking pocket full of sunshine.” Beane got two votes to go to Hollywood.

Anthony Key

This singer has loved to perform since he was a kid. He said he’s inspired by boy bands. For his audition, he sang “Dynamite” by BTS while showing off his dance moves. He even taught the judges the choreography. Katy said she couldn’t tell who Anthony really was. The judges voted not to send him to Hollywood.

Ash Ruder

This 22-year-old singer auditioned with an original song about her dad, who struggled with addiction. The judges called her dad in to listen to the performance. It brought the judges and her father to tears. “You can sing,” Lionel told Ash. The judges voted to send Ash to Hollywood.


Cheryl K

This Malaysian singer brought her dog to her audition. She asked Lionel Richie to perform a duet with her of his song “Endless Love.” The performance made Lionel cry. However, he voted no, wondering if she would be able to compete with the other singers. Katy and Luke also voted no to sending Cheryl to Hollywood.

Heather Russell

This 20-year-old singer performed “Harleys in Hawaii” by Katy Perry for her audition. Luke said she has a “world-class” high end in her range, while Lionel said she had “total control.” Katy, however, said it was “all frosting,” and “too much.” Heather still got three “yes” votes to go to Hollywood.

Caleb Kennedy

This country singer is from a small town. For his audition he sang an original song called “Nowhere.” Katy encouraged him to finish the song, saying it would “take you somewhere.” Luke said he had a voice beyond his years. The judges voted to send Caleb to Hollywood.

Abby LeBaron

This singer doesn’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to singing, so she’s kept it to herself. For her audition, Abby sang “All I Want” by Kodaline while playing piano. Luke said it gave him goosebumps, and Katy said she needs to believe in herself more. The judges voted to send Abby to Hollywood.


This busker was born with no vision in his left eye, and was made fun of growing up. He also lost his mother at a young age, and his father struggled with addiction. Murphy sang “Just the Two of Us” for his audition. Katy said he was “not quite there.” He went on to perform an original song called “The Painted Man.” Luke and Lionel voted “yes” to sending Murphy to Hollywood.

Alyssa Wray

This singer from Kentucky said she’s always “stood out.” For her audition, she sang “I Am Changing” in the style of Jennifer Hudson. The judges stood up for her before she was even finished singing. “I’m so happy,” Lionel said. Luke, meanwhile, complimented Alyssa’s presence. The judges voted to send Alyssa to Hollywood.

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