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‘American Idol’ Contestant Collapses On Stage During Hollywood Week


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It’s no secret that the Hollywood Week duets on American Idol are stressful for the contestants. Contestants Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke were paired up together to do a duet but it ended in a very dramatic fashion. The pair had a rough rehearsal but had faith that their performance would work out in the end.


‘American Idol’ Contestant Collapses During Hollywood Duet

Ronda and Funke’s performance was full of powerful vocals. When Lionel Richie delivered the results of the matchup, he told Ronda that he wanted her to get her self-esteem together. In the opening lines of the song, he thinks she achieved this and “blossomed.” Funke watched her and smiled before Ronda’s performance “crashed and burned.” Just as Lionel was mentioning Funke’s delivery of the song, she collapsed on the stage.

She fell face-first very hard onto the floor. The judges jumped out of their seats and gasped in horror. Ronda rushed to be by Funke’s side as medics ran onto the stage to tend to her. Funke laid on the ground and Ronda flipped her over before Luke Bryan realized she busted her chin. The medics rushed her out of the auditorium to bring her to the hospital.


Ronda stood by and cried as Funke was sent to the hospital. Lionel informed Ronda that both of them would be going through to the next round in the competition. But still, Ronda was very worried about Funke and just wanted her to be ok. Funke was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital.


Liahona Olayan And Laila Mach

Liahona Olayan And Laila Mach performed “Stay” by Rihanna. It was clear that Liahona was emotional before the performance. Her brother was eliminated during the previous round of the competition. Katy praised Laila for her performance. She was voted through to the next round. Katy gave Liahona a stern talking to because she felt like her emotions were defeating her throughout the performance. Liahona was also voted through to the next round.


Cameron Allen And Graham Defranco

Cameron Allen and Graham Defranco chose to sing “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. Luke warned them that they really had to sell the song because there aren’t that many words. Cameron was sent home while Graham was sent through to the next round.

Beane And Kari Erickson

Beane and Kari Erickson also sang “Watermelon Sugar” but added their own twist to it. Lionel thought it was the wrong song choice. Kari was sent home. Beane was sent through to the next round.

Anthony Guzman And Adriel Carrion

Anthony Guzman and Adriel Carrion planned on singing “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” Bobby Bones suggested for them to change the song. Just as the judges said they were banning the song “Watermelon Sugar,” the duo announced they would be singing this song. But they brought new faith to the song and were both sent into the next round of American Idol.


Madison Watkins And Deshawn Goncalves

Love is in the air for Madison Watkins and Deshawn Goncalves on American Idol. The pair have really bonded after being paired up. They performed a duet of “Stay.” They are both moving on in the competition.


Claudia Conway And Hannah Everhart

Claudia Conway and Hannah Everhart got off to a rocky start. It was hard for Claudia to find Hannah for a while when they were supposed to be practicing. Once they finally reconvened, they got a pep talk from Katy Perry. The pair performed “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles. The judges agreed that Hannah carried the performance but has room for improvement. Hannah is moving on to the next round. Claudia was sent home.


Alex Miller And EmiSunshine

Alex Miller and EmiSunshine were definitely another unconventional pairing. EmiSunshine did a bit of yodeling at the end of the performance of “Walk The Line.” Luke encouraged Alex to sing a pop song in the next round. Both of them are headed into the next round.

Murphy And Lizzy O’very

Murphy and Lizzy O’very both performed barefoot on stage. All three judges gave them a standing ovation. They loved that it was weird and wonderful. Both Murphy and Lizzy were sent into the next round.

Wyatt Pike And Cassandra Coleman

Wyatt Pike and Cassandra Coleman both have voices that complemented each other tremendously. Both of them were sent through to the next round after a superstar performance.

Willie Spence And Kya Moneé

Willie and Kya Moneé did a duet of “Stay” by Rihanna. The pair were perfectly in sync with their harmonies and skilled in their solo parts. The judges were especially floured by Willie’s vocals. Luke said that he was thinking about this matchup all morning. It was no surprise when the judges voted them through to the next round of the competition “with flying colors.” Katy professed her love for Willie as he left the stage.

Ben Dodson And Henry Thompson

Ben Dodson and Henry Thompson performed a duet of “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes. Luke said that there was absolutely nothing that he could critique about their performance. They were both sent through to the next round of the competition.

Jazzy Rose And Re’h

Jazzy Rose And Re’h were both voted through to the next round after Lionel complimented the fact that they are the perfect match.

Zach D’Onofrio And Sloane Simon

Zach commented that he is a timid person so working in a duet is a bit hard for him. Bobby Bones encouraged him not to be a backup singer. The pair sang “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates. It was the end of the road for both Zach and Sloane because the judges think they need more experience. Zach said a very tearful goodbye and hinted that he will come back.


Chayce Beckham And Christina Daugherty

Chayce Beckham and Christina Daugherty sang an emotional breakup song. Luke said the performance was “very believable.” He complimented the uniqueness of their voices and encouraged Chayce to channel the natural rasp in his voice. Chayce was sent to the next round of the competition. Christina was sent home.

Althea Grace And Camille Lamb

Althea Grace and Camille Lamb were not getting along during their rehearsal. These two just could not get on the same page especially since Althea was focused on her daughter who was in the hospital. Katy paid them a visit to give them some advice. They sang “You Don’t Own Me.” Both of them are moving on the the next round.

Hunter Metts And Ava August

Hunter Metts and Ava August performed a duet of “Dancing On My Own.” The judges think they played it a bit safe during the performance but they are both going through to the next round.

Alyssa Wray And Grace Kinstler

Alyssa Wray and Grace Kinstler are both two huge voices and Lionel knew that they would both slay the performance. The pair sang “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. The huge note of the song had the judges standing up out of their seats. Katy took her wig off after the performance. Grace and Alyssa both made it through to the next round.


Tune in next week to American Idol to see how the artists tackle the next stage of the competition.

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