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‘AGT’ Superstar Kodi Lee Teaches Simon Cowell His Secret Handshake

Simon Cowell and Kodi Lee on the 'America's Got Talent Season 14' Red CarpetPhoto by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

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Simon Cowell can now call himself a “cool man” thanks to musician Kodi Lee. The America’s Got Talent winner recently shared a video of himself teaching the music mogul his secret handshake.

Kodi Lee Shows Simon Cowell His Signature Handshake

In an Instagram post uploaded on September 14, Lee revealed his quick tutorial of his signature handshake, that he taught to Cowell. The two were filmed in what seems to be a dressing room.

“Kodi Lee is now going to teach me how to be cool and do a proper handshake,” Cowell said. “I’m gonna be useless, but teach me. Let’s go!”

Lee and Cowell then did a high-five three times before fist bumping. Then, the singer-songwriter made an “explosion” motion with his hand.

“I almost got that. That was the best handshake I’ve ever had! Thank you! I now feel cool and relevant,” Cowell said.

They ended their cute interaction with a hug and a sweet “I love you.” This lovely moment has immediately made the day of their fans. In the comments, Lee’s Instagram followers thanked him for spreading good vibes.

“You’re too funny Kodi! I knew that Simon wouldn’t get it. Hahaha! #heckyeah,” one fan wrote.

“I love you so much Kodi. You are a true light in this sometimes dark world,” another person wrote.

Cowell is not the only AGT personality that Lee had an enthusiastic interaction with recently. In late August, the blind artist also created a video alongside judge Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews.

Cowell Says Lee’s AGT Audition was “Magic”

Lee stepped on the AGT stage in 2019, taking the show by storm with his unbelievable vocals. This year, Cowell revisited the unforgettable moment, telling Crews that Lee’s performance is “one of the most amazing auditions” he’s ever witnessed.

“The first note on the piano started, and I sat back, and it was like ‘woah,'” he said “Magic is the only word I can use. I’ve got goosebumps on my goosebumps right now. Not a dry eye in the theater. Everyone was in pieces afterwards.”

According to Lee’s mom during the season 14 auditions, Lee is legally blind and autistic. Nonetheless, his disability clearly didn’t stop him from excelling in his craft. He ultimately won the competition, unstoppably rising to fame afterwards.

At present, Lee is part of the lineup at the show’s residency in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s also working on his first album while giving fans his raw and sensational song covers on Instagram.

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