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‘AGT’ Runner-Up Kristy Sellars Performs at Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Kristy Sellars on 'America's Got Talent'Casey Durkin/NBC

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America’s Got Talent Season 17 runner-up Kristy Sellars recently posted a performance on Instagram from the NFL tailgate party at the Super Bowl this past weekend. Sellars showed off a mesmerizing pole dance routine against a moving backdrop.

Kristy Sellars Performs at Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Sellars began the performance wearing a flowy red hood while dancing against a desert scene to a slowed-down, dramatic version of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. But as Got Talent fans know, there’s always a little more to Sellars’ routines than meets the eye.

Eventually, things got more exciting as Sellars removed her hood and began breaking into a vault to steal a ruby. She interacted with the backdrop to create a dynamic scene. Sellars credited Jan Zavadil with the animation for the performance.

“I need to name this show,” Sellars wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. “I’ve just been referring to it as the ruby show. But now that it has come to life it needs a proper name. What do you think?”

Suggestions from fans in the comments as to what she should name the routine included “Diamond in the Rough,” “Desert Rose,” and “Ruby of the Desert.”


What Has Sellars Been Up to Since the Show?

Sellars, who previously won Australia’s Got Talent, finished Season 17 of America’s Got Talent in second place last year. Since then, she’s launched a pole training app to help other performers hone their skills. Sellars also has her own business called The Enviro Co, which sells sustainable products for pole dancing.

In December, Sellars shared the news with fans that she would be performing at the Super Bowl tailgate event, and she documented her behind-the-scenes process of preparing for the performances on Instagram.

Sellars actually created two performances for the event. The other routine involved a light-up umbrella. She hasn’t shared video of that performance yet, but hopefully fans don’t have to wait very long to see it.

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