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‘AGT’ Quarter-Finals Week 2 Results Recap – Who Will We See in the Semi-Finals?

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After a bizarre and off-the-wall episode, America’s Got Talent returned tonight with some results. So, which seven acts made the cut?

The Top 5

The five acts who received the most votes last night automatically moved on to the semi-finals and they were…

Noah Guthrie
Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir
Samuel J. Comroe
Glennis Grace
Duo Transcend

While I didn’t think Glennis, Voices Of Hope, or Samuel did anything particularly amazing last night, I’m not surprised they moved forward since they seemed to have a lot of support from viewers. Noah took a risk performing an original song last night, so it’s nice it paid off for him. And Duo Transcend was simply breathtaking, so of course they had to advance!

The Bottom 4

The following four acts received the least amount of audience votes and were eliminated:

Yumbo Dump
Quin and Misha
The Savitsky Cats
The Sacred Riana

I don’t think the elimination of Yumbo Dump and Quin and Misha came as a surprise to anyone. The Savitsky Cats going home wasn’t that surprising, though to be honest despite the lags in their performance it was still better than some of the acts who did make it through tonight.

I’d say the same for The Sacred Riana, and while I thought she’d be safe I can see why she wasn’t. Before last night’s show I said she would likely have trouble winning over the American audience and even though her quarter-finals performance went viral, I’m getting the feeling a lot of those views were from people in countries who couldn’t vote.

On The Bubble

The acts who came in sixth, seventh, and eighth place in voting last night were up for the Dunkin’ Save, a live half-hour vote from viewers to send one of them to the semi-fianls. They were…

Da RepubliK
Front Pictures
Makayla Phillips

It quickly became clear this was a two-way race between Makayla Phillips and Front Pictures, and while they took turns being frontrunner, the save ultimately went to Makayla, who won by just 0.1% of the vote.

That left Front Pictures to face Da RepubliK in the judges’ tiebreaker. Heidi and Mel picked the former, while Howie chose the latter, leaving Simon as the final vote of the night once again. I’d thank him for not blatantly copping out and making it a tie to keep the blood off his hands like last week…if he hadn’t chosen the act he said wasn’t as good to go through. I’m not sure if he was just pretending not to love them as much to create dramatic tension or whatever (he was absolutely gushing over Da RepubliK last night so I’m not sure what was up with the negativity here) but it was pretty ridiculous, and I say this as a fan of both acts who wanted Makayla to be the one on the bubble to leave.

I have to say I’m really excited to move on to next week. If you couldn’t already tell I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the majority of the acts in this group, and was disappointed by a lot of the choices the voters made. It really is sad and disheartening to see so many interesting variety performers get cut on a show designed for them to thrive in favor of the singers, especially when most of the singing acts this week were pretty average and/or the type you could see on countless other reality competitions.

Despite all that, there was one major bright spot in tonight’s show: The Illusionists and Light Balance’s performance! You can watch it below, and remember to tune in next Tuesday when AGT returns for another quarter-final episode at 8/7c on NBC!


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