‘AGT’ Judge Sofia Vergara Gets Real About Her Fitness Secrets And Diet Secrets

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We all admire Sofia Vergara’s curves and since she has been on America’s Got Talent, she has stolen our hearts. I mean yeah Modern Family made us fall in love with her but now we see her real personality and candid moments you just can’t fake. Now let’s find out her fitness secrets and diet she follows to keep up those curves!

Sofia Vergara talks about her fitness and diet secrets

‘AGT’ Judge Sofia Vergara talks about her day-to-day workout routine

In an interview with Celebuzz, Vergara, 43 gets real by saying “ I try to work out every day but it gets hard because of the job I have, for example, I woke up today at 3 o clock in the morning so today is not going to be a workout day for me no matter what, I know that I am not gonna have the energy at the end of the day so I try to work out according to my shooting schedule like if I traveling I usually don’t work out but I try to squeeze in at least three times a week working out.”

“I try to sleep well” she adds.

Curious about Sofia Vergara’s Diet?

Vergara says “ I have never  been on crazy diets but tries to eat vegetables, juices, and healthy food.” She talks about her problem being about her “obsession with sweets” and promotes the brand Skinny Cow to control her portions and “avoids her guilty feeling after eating a bar of chocolate or a bar of ice cream.”


She gets candid saying “ Anything that is sweet, cakes, I love chocolates, chocolate bars, peanut butter with chocolate…. It’s like you name it. I don’t have a problem with picking what I want to eat in sweets, my problem is always trying to eat them in moderation.” Her best advice for staying healthy is “to have everything in moderation”.

Sofia Vergara’s Favorite workout?

Like most of us, Vergara says, “ I don’t have a favorite workout actually, I hate working out but I have made it part of my life because of age and looks for everything you need to work out… it is a reality. So I try to do different things, I do spinning, I do classes in Megaformer which is kind of like advanced pilates. I have a trainer that comes to my house sometimes…so I try to change it, I have like three different trainers trying to force me to work out.”

For all those who are binge eating on your couch in quarantine, we can definitely pick up on some of her secrets!


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