‘AGT’ 2022 Performances That Got Buzzed During Semifinals

Contestants Who Got BUZZED During a LIVE Performance on AGT 2022 Semifinals ThumbnailTalent Recap via YouTube

The agony of an irking red ‘X’ from America’s Got Talent judges does not stop with pre-taped auditions. Unfortunately, the buzzes still pose danger to contestants during live shows. Here’s a compilation of acts that got buzzed during AGT Season 17 Semifinals.

1. Travis Japan

Travis Japan is a J-pop group from Tokyo who performed an original music titled “Party Up Like Crazy.” Their live show performance triggered Howie Mandel to press the red buzzer. Although this boy band already has a huge following on social media, AGT judges Mandel and Simon Cowell believed that their voices at the time were off tune.

2. Lace Larrabee

Comedian Lace Larrabee decided to roast her husband and talk about a girls night out for her stand-up routine. However, while the crowd seemed pleased with her performance, Cowell thinks the otherwise. Consequently, he gave her an ‘X’ on the belief that she did better during auditions.

3. Ben Lapidus

The Parmesan Cheese guy is actually the first contestant to be buzzed in the Season 17 live shows, courtesy of Sofia Vergara. Ben Lapidus pretended to sing an emotional track in the first seconds of his performance. However, he proceeded to belt his hilariously absurd metal song about parmesan cheese.

4. Acapop! Kids

Acapop! Kids sang an original acapella piece in the live shows. The audience was obviously impressed with this performance, so many were shocked when Mandel hit the red buzzer for the performance. As a justification, the AGT judge commented that he felt like he was at a “school assembly.”

5. Mr. Pants

Mr. Pants was performing his stand-up comedy routine as a giant pair of pants when Cowell hit the red ‘X.’ Unbothered by it, he concluded his act as a boxer short with heart prints. Other judges tried to convince Cowell that the act was good, but several AGT fans understood Cowell’s decision.

6. Stefanny and Yeeremy

It’s a bit unbelievable that this outstanding Colombian salsa duo received an ‘X’. Stefanny and Yeeremy were dancing to an intense routine of “River” by Bishop Briggs when Cowell hit his buzzer. In his defense, the duo should have brought something new to the Semifinals.

7. The Lazy Generation

The Lazy Generation tried their luck in the Semifinals by performing stunts on treadmills and getting hit in the groins with wooden beams. Additionally, they utilized slingshots and cactus which were essentially present to feature an element of danger to the performance. Vergara did not hesitate to buzz, feeling that pain was “unnecessary” for the act.

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