7 Songs Released by ‘Alter Ego’ Contestants Before the Show that are Total Bops

Corey Cesare
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With new seasons and new shows there’s always more talent to be brought to the table. From the moment the cast of Alter Ego was announced, it was clear that producers chose some of the most talented people to take part in this new series. 

Not only were these singers talented, a lot of them had released music on their own before ever appearing on FOX’s show. Here are seven songs by Alter Ego contestants that totally deserve to be on your playlists.

1. “Diss Track” by: Samaera also known as Misty Rose

Even before her time on Alter Ego, Samaera has shown that she wants to be America’s next popstar. “Diss track” has an extremely catchy tune with an electronic beat. The song itself is about someone who has done the singer wrong. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t immediately save this song to my phone as soon as I first heard it, it’s just that catchy! 

2. “Now We Talkin” by Anthony Flammia also known as Lover Boy

Lover Boy is one of the Alter Ego’s that gives off a “cool” vibe. It turns out that he’s just as cool in real life. This song has a fun R&B tune and plenty of visuals of the singer for those who might think that he’s cute. 

3. “Glass Hill” by Jacob Thomsen also known as Dipper Scott 

This singer has quickly gained the hearts of the Alter Ego judges, but what does his music outside of the show sound like? He has the same majestic tone that everyone holds close to their hearts. “Glass Hill” is a slow song that’s filled with tons of emotion. This song will make you love him even more

4. “Blue” – Sarah Isen also known as St. Luna

Sarah Isen has shown the audience her beautiful jazzy voice and I needed more. Her song “Blue” has a calm yet captivating beat, but overall her voice is really what draws you into her music. The vibe of this song reminds me a lot of “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. 

5. Devil by: Mama Yaya also known as Siren

The first time I heard this song, I knew I’d become obsessed. There’s a fun quick beat that fits Mama Yaya’s personality perfectly. This is just an overall fun tune. This song quickly went on repeat for me because of the singers great song and fun vocal rasp.

6. “Trouble” by Milton Patton also known as Wylie

I’m not a huge fan of country music but I knew this song was a bop. Although Milton’s time on Alter Ego was shorter than anticipated he has released some great music before the show. He is extremely talented with and without his ego, and this song really proves it!

7. “gravity (and the fear of falling)” by: Israa Darwich also known as Night Journey

This song was the most recent release out of the list! Israa Darwich released her song “gravity (and the fear of falling)” on November 8 as a part of her EP, Skeletons. This song proves that there’s so much more to be heard from this singer. We’ve heard some beautiful songs out of this singer, but nothing like this on Alter Ego.

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