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Meet the 20 Contestants of ‘Alter Ego’s First Season Before They Hit the Stage

Alter EgoGreg Gayne/FOX

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The time has finally come! FOX announced the contestants for their first season of Alter Ego. This futuristic talent competition show is finally ready to share who will be competing behind the Egos. Alter Ego premieres September 22 right after The Masked Singer. Make sure you don’t miss the premiere of this new series!

The lineup for contestants on Alter Ego is so diverse in ages and genre, but none of them lack talent. It really seems like the competition is going to be tight on the first season of FOX’s new show. Let’s meet the contestants.

1. Anthony Flammia

Anthony is 34 year-old singer from Yonkers, New York. His Ego for this season is “Lover Boy.” Not only is he a talented singer, he can play both guitar and piano.

2. Chase Padgett

Chase is an actor, singer, guitarist, and improviser. Before his time on Alter Ego, he toured performing in original one man shows, created short films and has even worked as a guest entertainer for Disney Cruise Line. This 38 year-old is from Vancouver, Washington and is ready to show off his voice as Orlando Deville.

3. Danielle Cetani

I’m honestly just waiting for the world to fall in love with Phoenix Embers. This TikTok sensation is normally known as a mother, DIY-er, hairstylist, singer and chef. She’s more than ready to hit the stage and show the world her amazing vocals on Alter Ego.

4. Dasharra Bridges

This 31 year-old Rochester, NY native is eager to get on stage to represent all of the single mothers of the world as her ego, Queen Dynamite. On top of Alter Ego, she is currently directing a stage performance of her book, Journey of a Single Mother, locally in Rochester.

5. Erny Nunez

This 17 year-old is ready to blow us away with Frank Sinatra music on this season of Alter Ego. Before the show, he had 110,600 followers on TikTok just from his Sinatra covers! We can definitely expect him to perform Sinatra tunes as Bernie Burns since his social media is filled with it.

6. Israa Darwich

This 19 year-old Michigan native looks absolutely amazing as her Ego Night Journey in the Alter Ego previews. Before the show, Israa was already a verified artist on Spotify and has three released singles.

7. Jacob Thomsen

Dipper Scott is ready to flip his hair on the Alter Ego stage. This 28 year-old North Carolina native currently struggles with Crohn’s Disease, and is seen talking about his constant pain in a recent preview for the upcoming show. He’s trying to prove the stigmas behind the disease wrong on this show.


8. James Paek

This 35 year-old California native has a beautiful voice and is ready to destroy the competition as Kingston Sol. Before the competition, he released two singles and has 249 monthly listeners on Spotify and 8,000 subscribers on YouTube.


9. Jay Miah

Even though this now 23 year-old has an amazing voice, none of the coaches on The Voice turned their chairs in 2019. After this failed audition they’re ready to come back as their ego, Nevaeh King. On their free time, they love to perform in drag.

10. Kaleia Ayelett

This 34 year-old has a background in theater and she’ll be showing the world that through her ego, The Dawn Majesty. Kaleia is a jack of all trades who hopes to inspire many on Alter Ego this season.

11. Kaylee Franzen

This 20 year-old college student is ready to hit the stage as Aster. Before the show, she released one song named “Fools Gold.” It wouldn’t surprise me if her follower count doubles when her audition airs, she has a great voice that hadn’t been found until now.

12. Kobe Vang

This 23 year-old will be showing off his amazing vocal range as Kai on this season of Alter Ego. Although he has also auditioned for The Voice before, he’s ready to show the world what The Voice missed out on.


13. Kyara Tetreault

This toronto native is ready to show her jazzy voice through her ego, Seven. This singer was on Toronto’s Got Talent in 2013, and is ready to show America what she’s got.


14. Mama Yaya (Yasmin Shawamreh)

This 30 year-old is ready to bring her blues and acoustic soul music to the show as Siren. Before the competition, she already released a full album, one EP, and eight singles.


15. Mariah Rosario (Riah Lena)

This 26 year-old Arizona native is bringing her big and bold vocals to the stage as Safara. She recently released her first EP I Love You, and has three other singles on top of that. Although she will be performing solo in this competition, she can sometimes be seen singing duets with her Brandon Avila.

16. Matthew Lord

Although Matthew is used to performing in a group, he will be performing solo on this season of Alter Ego. This 60 year-old is usually a part of a vocal comedy group, but will instead take some time off to win over the heart of America with his ego, Wolfgang Champagne.

17. Mia Cherise Hall

This Rochester, NY native is ready to show up as Fern on this season of Alter Ego. At only 18 years old, she has an extremely powerful voice! She already has 13,200 followers on Instagram and 233,900 followers on TikTok.


change in me (beauty and the beast) for @Shanny🥺😘 #CinderellaMovie #ArmaniMyWay

♬ original sound – mia

18. Milton Patton

This 30 year-old is ready to debut his country music to the world as Wylie on this season of Alter Ego. He made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent in 2013 and is ready to come back and show the world that he’s still got “it.”

19. Samaera Hirsch

This 21 year-old pop singer is ready bring her electronic based music to the futuristic talent show as Misty Rose. Before the show, she released four singles and has 222 monthly listeners on Spotify.


20. Sarah Isen

This singer may look familiar if you’re a fan of American Idol, she auditioned in 2020! The judges were really impressed with her lower register, but she didn’t make it past week two of the competition. She’s ready to premiere her beautiful low register as St. Luna at Alter Ego for another shot at a music career.

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