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7 Facts About Double Golden Buzzer ‘AGT’ Acrobatic Dance Group Zurcaroh

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Zurcaroh was a clear fan favorite in the America’s Got Talent season 13 competition. Their mix of dance and acrobatics impressed America and brought them all the way to the end of their iconic season. Here’s what this group is up to in 2022.

This 48 member group is still one of the most viral acts to ever take to the America’s Got Talent stage. They continued to impress after receiving Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer during their audition. To this day, they’re still known as one of the most viral acts ever to take to the America’s Got Talent stage. Here’s six things you need to know about them.


1. This Group Made History As The Second Act Act to receive the Golden Buzzer in Two Got Talent Shows

AGT host Tyra Banks loved this group as soon as they took to the season 13 stage. She loved their performance so much that she hit her Golden Buzzer and sent them straight through to the live shows. Not only was Zurcaroh the first acrobatics group to earn an AGT Golden Buzzer, they were the second ever to have received one prior in the Got Talent franchise prior to their audition.

This was definitely a history repeating itself moment. Prior to AGT the group participated in season 12 of La France a un incroyable talent. Zurcaroh received a Golden Buzzer on this series from their host David Ginola. They are the second act in Got Talent history to receive a Golden Buzzer on both AGT and another Got Talent show. They made history behind the dane group Light Balance.

2. They Finished AGT in Second Place

This 48 person group took to the America’s Got Talent stage ready to impress. They became an immediate frontrunner in the competition after their acrobatic audition. Their performances feature a group of performers within a wide range. The youngest was seven years old at the time, while the eldest was 40. The audition featured jaw dropping acrobatic tricks and insane visuals. This group was polished right from the beginning, so it’s no surprise they made it so far in the competition.

The judges were so impressed by Zurcaroh, they thought this group would win the entire series. This dance group finished as the AGT season 13 runner up behind Shin Lim. This group was the highest-placing Golden Buzzer act of the season and is the highest placing group act in AGT history along with Silhouettes from season 6 and Detroit Youth Choir from season 14.

3. They’ve Performed at The Royal Variety Performance

On December 10, 2019, Zurcaroh participated in the Royal Variety Performance in London. At this performance, they were in the presence of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This annual show is held yearly in the United Kingdom to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity.

The show consists of family entertainment that includes comedy, music, dance, magic and other speciality acts. To put this into perspective, performing at The Royal Variety Performance is an honor that winners of Britain’s Got Talent receive after winning the show.

4. This Group was Founded in Brazil

Zurcaroh was founded by Peterson da Cruz Hora in Brazil in 2007. In 2009, this group reformed in Austria and became the team AGT fans know and love. They performed all over the world ahead of competing on AGT. Their first international performance was in Switzerland back in 2011. While that performance was a huge highlight, another is the groups 2015 World Gymnaestrada participation in Finland.


5. They Released a Short Film in 2020

Fans were sad to hear that Zurcaroh declined the offer to join AGT: The Champions in 2018. The acrobatic group declined due to their group members all having job and school commitments. In turn they promised more exciting performances to come in the future.

In addition to their live acts, Zurcaroh recently made a short film titled The Refuge. The movie is about a child finding solace in sports and the arts during tough times at home. This group’s performances always tell a tale, so it’s no surprise this translated so well into short film format.

6. They Competed in The Second Edition of the World Gym for Life Challenge

Another performance highlight for Zurcaroh is their 2013 performance in the second ever World Gym for Life Challenge. This event is run by Gymnastics Canada and occurs every four years. Their performance took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Anyone is able to take part in this showcase regardless of age. It offers gymnastics and acrobatic, dance soloists, and groups the opportunity to be judged at an international level. Performances are evaluated by entertainment value, overall impression, innovation, originality, variety, and technique. A panel of experts are featured as judges.


7. They Aren’t Performing Right Now

I’m sad to say that their last performance seems to have taken place in 2020 at Spectaculaire France. The group has since posted on Instagram in 2021, but it doesn’t seem like they’re currently rehearsing. Unfortunately it seems like Zurcaroh is a group that was hit pretty hard during the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that this group plans to perform once again in the future.

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