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Zhavia Fans Outraged By Her Small Part In ‘Welcome To The Party’

So, we were all excited to hear Zhavia‘s first big single. Mel and I got some popcorn and sat down to listen to it. I’m talking, of course, of the greatly anticipated Welcome to The Party which is going to be on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack along with Diplo and French Montana. This is a big deal for such a young singer…only there wasn’t much Zhavia in the song.

Fans expected that Zhavia would be featured and sing at least part of the song. Instead we got her repeatedly saying “Welcome to The Party” and that was it. At least she got to sing the title of the song, I guess. But fans were none too pleased by the lack of Zhavianess. After all, this is the moment that people have been waiting for and it was a huge let down.

But look, this is just a start for Zhavia. You have to start somewhere and she’s a very young woman. You have to pay your dues, even if you are a rising superstar like Zhavia. So, let’s all calm down and wait for her album.