‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Returns With More Wacky Auditions



Britain’s Got Talent has really stepped up their game in bringing us both amazing talent or total disasters. What else would you expect from Simon Cowell? But this year Britain’s Got Talent has brought us delights hitherto unknown. Let’s examine them, shall we?

Barry Newton

We don’t know Stormzy very well here in the States but he’s huge in Britain. He’s a rapper and an 83 year old man is not who you would expect to pull Stormzy out of his hat. But Barry did just that and got four yeses.

Nino Nikolov

I didn’t even know that electric violin was a thing, but Nino knows how to make it rock and he did just that with his version of Ed Sheeren’s Shape of You. He easily got four yeses.


I grew up in the 80’s and could never solve the Rubik’s Cube. It was just beyond me. Maddox can solve it by magic and that is pretty incredible. He got four yeses.

Cartoon Heroes

This is a weird act but oddly entertaining. You tell me that I’m going to watch a dance troop dressed like cartoon characters dancing to Aqua and I would say, “No thanks.” But this was a lot of fun and they got four yeses.

Ella Yard

Ella is only 15 but she covered Joss Stone’s version of The Beach Boys classic God Only Knows. If you are going to sing that song you better bring it and she did. Yeses all around.

Olena UUTAi

Throat singing and EDM beats? You would think it wouldn’t work but surprisingly it did and she got four yeses.

Miss Tres

Miss Tres is made up of three Filipino trans people named Mavey, Mariko and Crissy. I think it’s high time that we had an all trans singing group hit the big time. Maybe it will be them? They got four yeses.


This act is hard to explain. There were plates breaking, singing, dancing, and was super fun. There is no doubt they are talented but what do you do with an act like this? Four yeses.

Ronan Busfield

Ronan gave up music and works at a grocery store, but when he opened his mouth to sing Maria from West Side Story, the audience was captivated. All 4 yeses.

Katherine and Joe

The problem with dressing up like Beauty and The Beast is that you’d better be able to deliver on doing something so weird. Katherine has a nice voice but Joe in his cheap beast mask…not so much. They got two yeses and two nos.

Lifford Shillingford

Lifford impressed Alesha enough to get the golden buzzer. He was in a band back in the day that was a one hit wonder and he wants to get back in the spotlight. He just might do it on the show.


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