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XOMG POP! Officially Reveals Their Newest Member

XOMG Pop! at the World Premiere of Disney's "Haunted Mansion"Photo by Frazer Harrison/WireImage

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The speculation is finally over as XOMG POP! officially unveils its newest member. After weeks of rumors, the newest member of the group has finally been revealed. Mass speculation was correct, the group’s newest member is Penelope LeMieux. For those who may not know, LeMieux was previously part of Phil Wright and Parent Jam on America’s Got Talent Season 18.

XOMG POP! Reveals New Member

After weeks of fan theories, XOMG POP! decided to put all rumors to rest. In a recent social media post, the group officially presented LeMieux as their newest member. This unexpected twist has ignited immense excitement among fans who had initially believed LeMieux might be joining the group.

While LeMieux captured the hearts of many with her remarkable talent, LeMieux brings her own unique style and artistry to XOMG POP!. The decision to include LeMieux in the group signifies a fresh beginning for XOMG POP! promising innovation and creative growth.

LeMieux garnered significant attention as a member of the Phil Wright & Parent Jam dance group during America’s Got Talent Season 18. However, her path seems to be leading her in a different direction for now.

XOMG POP! has faced its fair share of changes and challenges over the years. The group initially gained prominence in 2021 on JoJo Siwa‘s reality competition show, Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution, and later auditioned for Season 17 of America’s Got Talent. Despite not securing a place in the Finals, and going from a seven-girl group to only three members before LeMieux joined, XOMG POP! has displayed unwavering resilience and a commitment to delivering exceptional music and performances.

Fans Share Their Reaction to Penelope LeMieux

The recent announcement of LeMieux as the newest member of XOMG POP! has sent shockwaves through the fanbase, sparking a range of reactions. Many fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they welcomed LeMieux into the XOMG POP! family.

Comments flooded the social media post with congratulatory messages like “Welcome Penelope!” and “Congratulations Penelope!” These warm greetings highlight the fans’ eagerness to embrace LeMieux and witness her contributions to the group.

Some fans couldn’t help but notice striking resemblances between LeMieux and former XOMG POP! member Kinley Cunningham. Comments like “She looks like Kinley” and “Kinley 2.0?” reflect the fans’ keen eye for detail. However, it’s clear that LeMieux brings her own unique qualities to the group, and fans are curious to see how she’ll carve out her own place within XOMG POP!.

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