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XOMG POP Fans Demand Answers After Leigha Sanderson Leaves Group

X OMG Pop new photoshootXOMG Pop via Instagram

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XOMG POP fans have once again been thrown for a loop. Recently, the group shared various new photos of the five person group. Ahead of this post, XOMG POP had been a six person group, formerly a seven person group. Their first departing member, Kiya Barczyszyn, unexpectedly left the group in September 2022.

Leigha Sanderson Reportedly Leaves XOMG POP

Another member of XOMG POP has reportedly silently left the group. For those who may not know, this group formed as part of E!’s limited series, Dance Pop Revolution. On the show, young girls competed in singing and dancing challenges, to earn their spot on Jessalyn and JoJo Siwa‘s new girl group. After the group formed, the seven girl group opened for Siwa, and even competed on AGT season 17.

Soon after the group’s time on AGT, 13 year old Kiya Barczyszyn silently left the group. Fans noticed her disappearance, when XOMG POP stopped sharing photos and videos of her. Now, nearly seven months later, another member has left the group.

Fans believe Leigha Sanderson has left the group, since the girl group posted a new photoshoot without her. While investigating, I noticed that XOMG POP’s final post featuring Leigha was shared on May 2. Also, on XOMG POP’s most recent YouTube video, Leigha’s name isn’t mentioned alongside the other members.

XOMG POP has yet to make an announcement about Leigha’s departure. Fans expect that the group will remain silent about it, just like they did for Kiya’s departure. JoJo Siwa, who created the group with her mom Jessalynn, hasn’t commented on the reasons behind Kiya or Leigha’s departures.

XOMG POP Fans Side With Leigha Sanderson

Although no official statement has come out about Leigha’s departure from the group, fans of XOMG POP have openly supported the 16 year old. This has been seen in the comments of XOMG POP’s most recent post, as well as various posts shared to Leigha’s Instagram Stories.

It seems like many believe that Leigha departed from the group due to her age. For those who may not know, before AGT, the group consisted of seven girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

“I think they kicked her out because she is older now?” a fan wrote on XOMG POP’s instagram post.

In addition, another fan commented on how one of the members looked “20 years old” in the photo. Jokingly, another fan commented in response “don’t say that she’ll be next.”

Leigha no longer has XOMG POP listed in her Instagram bio, alongside her talent agency McDonald Selznick Associates, Beyond Belief Dance Company, Cameo, and the Netflix show Dancing Queen.

The Sandersons Break Silence on The Topic

On May 11, Leigha’s mom, Anjie Sanderson broke the silence on the topic. Although an “official statement is coming soon,” she more or less hinted as to why her daughter left the group in a post.

“This photo was sent to me, in a text group that hasn’t been used in days, trying to make it look accidental. They are all holding up 5 fingers. This isn’t a good look,” she wrote.

She then tagged the group’s manager, as well as the companies they often work with. The companies include Super Moose Toys, Scholastic, Sony Pictures, and Royal Caribbean.

“Everyone thinks this represents the light our world so desperately needs, especially when this is the leader, teacher and moms of a children’s group who is trying to set a standard as role models??????” she wrote. “It’s very sad that this mean girl behavior is celebrated in 2023. It’s very disappointing but I can’t say that I am surprised and what’s worse is it’s all at the cost of a disabled young girl who is deeply heartbroken.”

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8 months ago

I want to say I feel bad for her guess what I’m 16 too so I know what happened
liegha rose Sanderson XOMGPOP story she got fired by jojo now I just wondering
if jojo and Jess can pick me I really don’t
want hurt her feelings or anything she great dancer 😉😢

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