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Witney Carson May Not Return to ‘DWTS’ Next Season

Witney Carson for 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 30Photo by: Maarten de Boer/ABC via Getty Images

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Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson is still figuring out if a comeback to the ballroom will be possible. According to the professional choreographer, her decision highly depends on the state of her family’s life next year.

Witney Carson Says She Has “No Idea” if She’ll Return to Dancing With The Stars For Season 33

Recently, the DWTS pro hosted a question-and-answer series on her Instagram Stories. There, one fan asked if she has any plans of going back to the long-running ABC dancing competition series. Carson then took the time to answer the query with a short video of her explanation.

“I know, you guys are so sweet. We have no idea. I miss it so much and, we’ll just have to see where we are in our life next year. And hopefully it works out but we kind of live our lives by the seat of our pants. So, I don’t know,” she said.

In late August, Carson announced that she is sitting out of Dancing With The Stars Season 32. Admitting that it was a difficult choice, she stated that she “feels at peace” about not returning.

“Leo’s at an age where he needs consistency and dependability, and he hasn’t had that ever since he’s been born. We’re just really trying to give him that right now,” she said. “I also feel like I’m not quite mentally and physically ready for what the show calls for.”

Nonetheless, Carson clarified that “it’s not goodbye,” yet. According to her, her absence on DWTS will only be a break and not her retirement yet.

“I love dance. That is my passion. And so this was definitely a hard decision, but I will be rooting for everybody on the show. I cannot wait to watch. I’m so excited,” she said.

She Launches Skincare Brand Active Earth Organics

At present, Carson is focused on meeting the needs of and bonding with her sons. She’s also most recently launched her newest skincare business, Active Earth Organics. On Instagram, the DWTS pro introduced her first ever product, calendula body lotion.

“AHH!!! Cannot believe it’s finally here!!!” she wrote. “Being a skin cancer survivor and a person who has struggled with eczema my whole life, I was on the hunt for the best and healthiest products for my skin. It was impossible to find something that not only smelled good but that actually healed my skin. I didn’t find it… This led me to creating my very own – Introducing @activeearthorganics infused with purifying silver.”

According to Carson, she’s “on a mission to inspire transformative changes in the beauty product industry.” With that, she encourages the switch to mindful choices of using toxin free beauty products like her organic body lotion.

On October 17, Carson celebrated her 30th birthday. Interestingly, during Dancing With The Stars‘s Disney100 Night, the show’s co-host Alfonso Ribeiro can be heard yelling, before the cameras cut, greeting Carson a happy birthday.

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