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Will Ryan Charles Win the ‘American Song Contest’ Wildcard?

Ryan CharlesTrae Patton/NBC

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It’s no secret that one song from American Song Contest has gone wildly viral since the series premiered. Ryan Charles’s song “New Boot Goofin'” received tons of streams online since the series premiere. Even though Ryan didn’t get voted into the semifinals, could the major popularity of this song hint as the Wyoming singer becoming the wildcard?

Ryan Charles’ Song Goes Viral After His Live Performance

I think everyone was surprised to hear that the Wyoming-based singer wouldn’t be continuing in the competition. Since it was announced that Ryan’s time in the competition was over, the song gained even more traction on social media. At this time, “New Boot Goofin'” has 258,546 streams on Spotify and most TikTok video by the singer has accumulated thousands, if not millions of views. On top of that, Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the song quickly turned into a meme itself.

Atlantic Records released an official music video of the song, most likely as a result of its virality. The music video features some clips seen on the series, with a narrative of buying new boots. Charles is currently the first and only singer to receive a full music video posted on Atlantic Record’s YouTube account. This could be a very good sign for people who want Ryan to return as a wildcard.


For those who may not know, wildcards will be implemented in the semifinal performances. At the end of the qualifier rounds, 20 artists will be locked into place for the semi finals. These artists are set to perform an elevated performance of their original song on the stage. Not only are they fighting against one another, they are fighting against a “redemption song.”

While it has yet to officially be explained, it seems like redemption songs will be the most streamed songs from the competition. If this is true, Ryan has a good chance at being brought back to the competition.

Fans Praise This Song For Its Original Sound

Not only is this song upbeat compared to others in the competition, it’s incredibly catchy. “New Boot Goofin'” has an overall fun feeling. When describing the song, Ryan explained that his uncle used to say the phrase as a joke when he got new boots. He attempted to embody the feeling of getting a new pair of boots within the song itself.

“Now this is how you mix country with rap. So good! Why am I just hearing about this guy?? His other stuff is just as good,” a fan commented on the song’s official YouTube recording.

Many people are in love with the fact that people immediately expect Ryan to be a country singer. A song this catchy was totally unexpected from the state of Wyoming, but totally appreciated. Even fans of Eurovision are saying this is one of the best songs to come out of American Song Contest to date. We hope to see Ryan return as a wildcard later in the competition. If this song is truly about America’s next hit song, “New Boot Goofin'” deserves a chance to redeem itself.

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