Watch the ‘X Factor’ Audition that Makes the Judges Emotional


Amy Mottram represented Essex during her X Factor UK performance. The 16-year-old who made the judges fall in love with her bubbly personality and blew them away with her voice. Amy made the judges emotional watching her sing Adele’s “One And Only” and the crowd even gave her a standing ovation.

Amy Mottram Leaves ‘X Factor’ Judges Speechless

Right before her audition Amy shares about being from Essex.

“I am typical Essex girl, she said. “I always get my eyelashes done, got my nails done.” She also flaunts her bejeweled shoes and calls them her “Vajazzled” shoes. Louis Walsh was confused as to what Vajazzled means, which is when women put glitter decorations on their privates. He jokes and asks Leona Lewis if she ever got that done, for which she replies that if she did she wouldn’t tell him.

Amy, who is there with her very big family, tells them that it is a dream come true for her to be on the X Factor UK stage. She decides to show them that she has the X factor by performing Adele’s “One and Only.” Automatically, everyone, even the judges, are surprised at her strong vocals for a girl of only 16-years-old. Leona Lewis at one point looks like she’s going to get emotional.

After she sings, the audience gives her a standing ovation and the judges praise her.

“I am so glad that you auditioned for this show, I think you’re going to go along way and I’m so glad I was here to witness it,” said Lewis. Walsh tells her that he loves this job because of performances like hers.

“Where did the voice come from? This is why I love my job because of you,” he said. The judges all give her four yeses and she makes it to the next round.


Amy Returns to the ‘X Factor’

Following her successful audition, Amy’s time on the show was very short lived. Before the live shows, Amy was eliminated and not picked to go on in the final 13 as the wild card entry. A year later she returned with a much different appearance after working hard to slim down her figure. Everyone was happy to see her back and gave her a warm welcome.

“I have been waiting a year to try again and the song tells my story,” she said.

The now 17-year-old decided to go with a non Adele song this time and performs “I Know Where I Been” by Queen Latifah in Hairspray. Just like her first audition, she was successful and was able to continue in the competition. But just like the previous year she didn’t make it to the finals.

Following her two years on the show, Amy continued to do covers on her YouTube channel. As of right now, she hasn’t done too much singing. She did post on her Instagram page that she can’t wait to get back into singing soon. Looks like Amy will be working on some new music and we can’t wait to see what she does.



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