WATCH Darci Lynne’s New Hilarious IGTV Series “Advice With Friends”

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AGT Season 12 winner Darci Lynne Farmer has a new series of Instagram videos we’re loving. The clips, posted to IGTV, feature the young ventriloquist getting advice from her puppet friends.

Darci has been performing with her puppets Petunia, Oscar, and Edna since her time on America’s Got Talent. She’s since taken them on tour with her. Check out some of our favorite “Advice With Friends” clips below.

Darci Lynne’s New Instagram Video Series

Darci’s IGTV series is called “Advice With Friends,” and it’s had five episodes so far. In the most recent installment, Darci talks to her mouse friend Oscar about how to dress for success.


According to Oscar, the secret to his put-together fashion looks is the bow tie. However, clip-on bow ties are “unacceptable” according to Oscar, so don’t even think about wearing one. For formal events, he suggests adding pops of silver or gold, and emphasizes the importance of shiny shoes.

Darci also has a couple of videos with her bunny friend Petunia. In one of the clips, Petunia teaches Darci how to take the perfect selfie. Petunia suggests taking selfies in natural light, holding the phone at the perfect angle. She also insists on taking at least 50 shots, although Darci thinks 10 might be more appropriate.

Darci Lynne Plays ‘What Would Simon Cowell Say?’

Our favorite “Advice With Friends” video so far might be Darci’s clip with her puppet Edna, who famously has a crush on AGT judge Simon Cowell. The pair play a game called “What Would Simon Say?” about the music mogul.


For example, if someone spilled coffee on him, Edna thinks Simon would be upset over his white T-shirt being ruined. He’d have pretty much the same reaction to getting caught in the rain. And if Edna asked him out on a date?

“Well, someone spilled coffee on me, and I got caught in a rainstorm,” Edna thinks Simon would say. “I don’t have any clean white T-shirts to wear!” Well, she certainly has a point.

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