WATCH BTS’s Jungkook Return To YouTube Live And Dish On New Music Video

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Jungkook from the South Korean boyband BTS returned to YouTube Live to give the ARMY some tea on the group’s newest music video. These vlogs are to give everyone some insight about BTS’ upcoming album called “BE.”

Jungkook Went Live To Talk About BTS’ Upcoming Music Video

Jungkook was actually the Project Manager for the group’s upcoming music video. The theme of the video is “life goes on.” He also had his hand in helping direct the video. He made sure to get input from other members of BTS and relayed that information back to the director. The experience working on the music video was very enjoyable for him and he cannot wait to do more directing in the future. “The theme can be about missing the past. Combining the ideal and reality would be great” RM previously said about the music video.


Early in 2020, BTS released their album “Map of the Soul: 7.” Since then there has been no shortage of content for the ARMY who have been loving everything the group has been doing amid the pandemic. For their upcoming album, each member of BTS has taken on a role in the creative process.

Jungkook also said he thinks the ARMY can guess which parts of the music video he worked on. This is the first vlog he has done in a while and he said that he just imagines that he is speaking to the ARMY in person instead of talking to a camera. His love for the ARMY is so tremendous, he actually said that when performing in concert, he gets his energy from the crowd and feels a sense of relief when seeing them.

One part of the video that everyone was freaking out over is when Jungkook spoke about his hair. He said it grew so much it’s hard for him to tie it up properly. He demonstrated this and actually said he wants to grow his hair longer.

Just as he was about to end the 29 minute live session, Jungkook got distracted by some of the fun filters and had a little solo dance party.

Twitter Was Buzzing About This YouTube Live Vlog

The ARMY was so happy to see Jungkook back to making vlogs. They took to Twitter to talk about their excitement. “I’m so happy Jungkook felt comfortable to go live again, he laughed so much, talked about his work as a director, he felt comfortable styling his hair in a ponytail, someone mentioned his body art and he got so happy and read comments and talked with armys my heart is so full” said one fan on Twitter.

“Are you also happy because Jungkook was so comfortable to go live again, he talked to us while smiling and having fun. comfortable to show us what hairstyle he has for now and even talked about what they did the whole day. IM CRYING” said another.

His name and the fact that he was on live was actually the number three and number five trends worldwide.

BTS definitely has become such a huge global phenomenon since they first stepped onto the scene. Check out the What’s Hot Video below where host Mriganka talks about how they became super popular in America and all of their success. Definitely drop a comment on the video if you are a member of the ARMY.


Did you tune in to Junkook’s YouTube Live?


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