‘BTS’ Army Celebrates Jimin’s Birthday And Receive The Perfect Gift In Return


South Korean boyband BTS has had some major achievements to celebrate in the past few weeks. The group has taken the top two spots on the Billboard Hot 100, the perfect present for group member Jimin’s birthday. Of course, the BTS ARMY is very proud of the boys after this major music milestone.

BTS Has Taken Over The Music Charts On Jimin’s Birthday

The song “Dynamite” has spent the past seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It actually peaked at No. 1 for three out of the seven weeks. It is the group’s first English song with a stunning retro music video to go along with it. “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]” also landed in the top spot and has secured a place on the charts since its release.

This is not an easy feat for an artist to accomplish. “It’s relatively rare for any musical act to occupy more than one spot inside the top 10 on the Digital Song Sales chart, and it’s even less common for a name to grab the Nos. 1 and 2 spots with tracks not featured on the same successful album” according to Forbes.


This latest feat has gotten “BTS WORLD DOMINATION” to trend on Twitter including a long list of the group’s accomplishments. They have also been dominating the iTunes Charts as well as having continuously climbing YouTube views.

The BTS ARMY has been celebrating Jimin and BTS all day, even getting his name trending multiple times. There were 28 different trending topics all related to Jimin that were trending at the same time. As you could imagine, this is an extremely rare occurrence.


The ARMY Is Ecstatic About The Groups Latest Achievements

Naturally, everyone is freaking out because Jimin posted two selfies on BTS’ Twitter account. Birthday wishes came pouring in and the ARMY could not be more proud.

BTS has a huge global fanbase that has helped them become music superstars. If you want to know more about how BTS has become so successful especially in America, check out the What’s Hot Video below. Host Mriganka takes a deep dive into the group and how they have become one of the biggest names in the entire world along with all of their greatest moments since the very beginning.

To celebrate Jimin turning 25, the ARMY has decorated Seoul, South Korea with images and signs that have Jimin’s face on them. Airports, stores, restaurants and even the sides of buses are decked out with images of Jimin.

The ARMMY has also celebrated achievements on the charts for Jungkook and RM’s birthdays as well, and Jimin’s birthday is no different.

Other ARMY members showed their love for Jimin by making edits to celebrate “Jimin Day.”

Buildings in South Korea even displayed Jimin’s picture and birthday in a gorgeous night time spectacle.


Happy Birthday Jimin! We cannot wait to see what BTS dominates next.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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