WATCH AGT’s Shin Lim And Colin Cloud Team Up — Magic Overload!

Shin Lim performing a magic trick on "Access."Jill O'Rourke | Talent Recap

AGT stars Shin Lim and Colin Cloud are teaming up to blow people’s minds with their magic. The pair recently appeared on Access to promote their Las Vegas residency and amaze host Mario Lopez.

Shin Lim was the winner of AGT Season 13, as well as the first season of AGT: The Champions. Colin Cloud made it to the semifinals of Season 12 with his mentalist act, and returned for Champions earlier this year.

Shin Lim And Colin Cloud Perform Magic

Shin kicked things off by performing a closeup card trick. First, he had Mario Lopez write his name on one of the cards. He then magically switched the card in Mario’s hand with one from the deck. That was enough to totally blow Mario’s mind.

But Shin wasn’t done. By the end of the trick, he had Mario’s card (the two of hearts) tattooed on his chest, and he pulled the card itself (with Mario’s signature) out of his mouth in a cloud of fog. “That was awesome!” Mario declared, pointing out that he was “all up in his grill” and didn’t see any of his secrets.

Shin Lim auditions for Season 13 of “AGT.”

Then it was Colin Cloud’s turn to wow the hosts with his mentalist trick. He asked Kit Hoover to think of a celebrity, a city, and an object. She kept her eyes closed as he wrote out everything she was thinking, and guessed them all right.

“Wait, so can you pull that trick off when you’re dating a woman?” Mario wondered. “‘Cause that would come in really handy if you could see what they’re thinking.”

Colin Cloud auditions for “AGT” Season 12.

Shin Lim And Colin Cloud’s Las Vegas Residency

The magicians appear together in a Las Vegas show called Limitless at The Mirage hotel. If you want to check it out, you can buy tickets here.

Shin told Access how great it is that he and Colin “get to do whatever we want,” including choosing their own music. Colin added, “It’s completely different to every other magic show on the strip.”

They shared that there’s “so much interaction” with the audience as part of their show. “Every single person in the entire audience is involved,” Shin said. It sounds amazing!


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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