Why ‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim Doesn’t Refer To His Act As Magic

Jill O'Rourke | Talent Recap

If you had to describe AGT winner Shin Lim’s act in one word, what would it be? You’d probably say “magic,” right? Well, as it turns out, Shin prefers not to use that word to refer to the closeup, sleight of hand card tricks he does.

Shin told the Orlando Sentinel that he makes this clear at the beginning of his shows. “I never say that I’m actually doing magic or anything like that,” Shin explained. Instead, he compared his talent to that of a musician.

“Sleight of hand is exactly the same as the piano,” he told the publication. “You see a pianist perform so well to the point, when you’re listening, you’re not even focusing on the notes anymore. It just sounds magical. It’s kind of the same thing with what I do.”

AGT’s Shin Lim is the world’s best magician and he has won hearts, votes and Simon Cowell’s praise. Which is huge. especially the last one.

What Sets Shin Lim Apart From Other Magicians?

Shin also explained what he thinks sets him apart from famous magicians like Criss Angel and David Copperfield, saying, “They’re considered illusionists, for me, at least, because it’s not hands-on. I guess that’s the best way to put it.”

While Shin doesn’t give away all his tricks, he posts tutorials on his YouTube page to help fans improve their sleight of hand. He has said that he prefers to offer “performance tips” and teach viewers “how to apply what you already know into your daily routines.”

Shin Lim did not just win AGT but he also won AGT The Champions.

How Did Winning ‘AGT’ Change Shin Lim’s Life?

Shin also told the Orlando Sentinel how winning both AGT and AGT: The Champions changed his life and career. After winning Season 13, Shin says, “It changed everything,” adding, “Everybody knew who I was overnight, which was pretty crazy.”

He says winning both competitions was “crazy, life-changing in so many ways — I had to do a lot of growing up.” The success also reportedly delayed his wedding to Casey Thomas. They ended up tying the knot last month in Hawaii.

Shin has a Las Vegas show at The Mirage, and is also touring with AGT mentalist Colin Cloud. Last month, he performed at the first live results show of the current AGT season.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

Jill O’Rourke is a contributor at Talent Recap, writing news stories and recaps for shows like ‘AGT,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘American Idol.’ She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and Film Studies, and has been writing about pop culture since 2012, with previous bylines at Crushable and A Plus. Jill spends her free time binge-watching sitcoms and daydreaming about life as a hobbit

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