Did Colin Cloud Go Too Far With ‘The Murder Of Simon Cowell’?

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

On last night’s America’s Got Talent one of the more memorable performances was mentalist Colin Cloud’s looooong act where he investigates the “murder” of Simon Cowell. Given the fact that Mel B might have accidentally really killed Simon on stage, did it go too far?

Colin Cloud’s schtick is that he can somehow read people’s thoughts. Of course, there is some trick involved, but still it’s entertaining. Though the bit went on too long and was too busy, there is no doubt that it was cool. The premise was that he was going to pick a random person from the audience as Simon’s murderer. She was to come up with a motive, picked out a knife, and then the motive was magically engraved on a plaque on the bench where Simon was sitting. Simple.

The act became problematic when Mel B was given the knife that the rando from the audience picked out and was then told to stab Simon in the chest. The knife was rubber, but the other ones on the table were real. What if something had gone awry and Mel B used the wrong knife and this Colin guy screwed up? Then we’d have a dead judge on our hand. I’m also not sure that staging the killing of a judge and the executive producer of the show is a wise choice. Seems to me you’d want to suck up to that guy and not have one of The Spice Girls shiv him.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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