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Tyra Banks, Terry Crews Absolutely Roast Nick Cannon During His Talk Show Premiere

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Nick Cannon was excited beyond belief during the premiere of his daytime talk show, Nick Cannon. He continuously mentioned how “grateful” he was to have the opportunity to host his own show. Nobody was expecting him to be roasted by some of the biggest names in the entertainment world.

Cannon creates a very warm and comfortable environment on his talk show. He actually refers to his audience as his “family.” For him, Nick Cannon is the “opportunity of a lifetime.” Cannon introduced a segment called “What’s Poppin?!?” where he talks about trending topics. This time, he decided to thank some very important people who have guided him through his entertainment career.

Nick Cannon’s Talk Show is Full of Guests Ripping Into Him

Cannon said he has been in the gym a lot lately and had a very special “workout partner” to thank. America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews popped up on the screen. Crews said that they “have never worked out before.” He went on to say that Cannon’s legs look like “little twigs” and that it’s obvious he has been skipping leg day.

The roast session didn’t stop there. Cannon gave special props to his ex-girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive towards him. Most of us were probably half expecting Mariah Carey to pop up on the screen. Dancing with the Stars host Tyra Banks appeared on the screen instead. Banks hilariously shot down Cannon’s claims that they dated. She joked that they “went to lunch once.”

Dancing with the Stars contestant JoJo Siwa offered Cannon some advice to “incorporate lots of rainbow and lots of sparkles” in his show. Cannon applauded her for being the only guest with nothing negative to say. She popped back up on the screen to say, “you’re so sensitive.” This set the comedic tone for Cannon’s show. It’s obvious he wants to take a light-hearted approach to hosting.

His Children Helped Him Create the Theme Song

Luckily, Cannon had the love from the Harlem audience to get him through the episode. He continuously thanked everyone for getting him to this point including the crew and his fans. He also made a ton of comments about his seven children.

“Y’all know I got a lot of kids so I couldn’t be there every single day,” Cannon said. “Somebody got to watch the kids so shoutout to all of my babysitters.”

A giant crowd of people popped up on the screen. He joked that it was all of his babysitters. It’s so refreshing to see Cannon truly be himself outside of the world of talent competition shows. Even the set of Nick Cannon perfectly showcases his vibrant personality. Cannon showed off his shoe wall, a long cubby with some of his sparkliest footwear on display.

He also has a colorful candy bar and a pole. He clarified it is a fire pole and not a stripper pole. The set comes with an iced-out piano covered in sparkles and a DJ table. Cannon told the crowd to get up on their feet while he played the turntables in a segment called “The Damn Cam.”

One part of the show that Cannon was excited about the most is his theme song. He called it a “real family affair.” Cannon’s three oldest children helped record the song. They can be heard during the “Hey Nick” part of the song. Cannon described how much music means to him and how it is the backbone of every project he is involved in.

Kevin Hart Reflects on Their Prank War

Cannon introduced Kevin Hart as his “evil twin brother” on the show. They have been friends since they were kids. They came up in the comedy world at the same time. The best part about their relationship is their ongoing prank war. Cannon got Hart a llama for his birthday this year. Hart hit him back by making a billboard with Cannon’s phone number on it.

Cannon played a new prank on Hart during a segment on Nick Cannon. Hart was on his way to board his private jet. He pulled up and was shocked to see the camera crew there. They caught his reaction to his private jet with a photo of Cannon’s face plastered on the side of it. The jet now says “Kevin rides the Cannon” on the side.

Hart told Cannon that he is still dealing with the aftermath of the llama prank. He shared that there is llama spit residue all over his house. Cannons birthday is coming up but Hart assured him that he will not be pranking him any time soon. He wants to wait a little while and strike back when Cannon least expects it. Cannon ended the show with a fun freestyle song.

Nick Cannon is a refreshing take on the classic talk show model. It’s a hard time slot to be in since he is following The Wendy Williams Show. Cannon is able to incorporate humor into his show to make it feel as if you are watching a late-night talk show. His personality is really a gem for daytime television.

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Tonia McMillian
Tonia McMillian
2 years ago

I like Nick’s new show. The premiere was a little shaky, but I am still tuned in so far!

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