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Two Contestants Fall In Love In Hotel Quarantine While Battling Each Other On The ‘Go Big’ Talent Show

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke

Two Contestants Fall In Love In Hotel Quarantine While Battling Each Other On The 'Go Big' Talent Show

During the premiere episode of Go-Big Show on TBS, freestyle BMX rider Kurtis Downs was pitted against circus performer Grace Good. Only one of them could move on to the next round.

But something unexpected happened. While filming the show last year, Kurtis and Grace connected, and they’ve since become a couple. The pair recently shared their story with Talent Recap, including what it was like to compete against each other.

Watch Kurtis Downs on “Go-Big Show.”

How Kurtis Downs And Grace Good Connected On ‘Go-Big Show’

Kurtis impressed the Go-Big Show judges by riding a tricycle down an incredibly steep ramp and finishing it off with a flip in mid-air. Meanwhile, Grace balanced on a giant ball while spinning flaming hoops. She even swallowed one of the flames!

The judges gave Kurtis a score of 96, and Grace a score of 90. That meant that only Kurtis would be able to move on to the semifinals. This was obviously disappointing for Grace, but what viewers didn’t know is that she and Kurtis had already connected behind the scenes.


Watch Grace Good on “Go-Big Show.”

Because the show filmed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the acts quarantined together in a hotel during filming. Grace told Talent Recap that she and Kurtis “spent a lot of time together and got to know each other really well.”

“It’s pretty crazy that we found each other in the middle of a pandemic. It had been a heavy year for both of us. We’d both lost our jobs as performers,” Grace shared, adding that she and Kurtis spent a lot of time together by the hotel pool.

“Circumstances brought us to that point, but something deeper drew us together,” she said. “We began talking about our lives, why we do what we do, our philosophy of life, and we connected on a deep level. During a very strange year, we both found a light.”

Kurtis and Grace hiking in the Nevada mountains. (Photo courtesy of Grace Good)

How Long Have Grace And Kurtis Been Dating?

“I was into Kurtis from the moment they paired us against each other on the show,” Grace told Talent Recap. “I had a crush on him the whole time. He was totally oblivious until the end.” 

She shared that she looked Kurtis up on Instagram before the show. “I realized he was a performer like me,” she said. “Same lifestyle, but in a different realm. I was so curious about him. As we got to know each other, we discovered we liked each other. We enjoyed spending time together. Although we came from different spheres—BMX and circus—we had so much in common.”


As for Kurtis? “I was there to ride my bike and that’s it,” he said. “But as I got to know Grace, her drive was attractive. Her hard work ethic. Her focus and persistence. She goes after what she wants in life.”

Grace said that Kurtis started calling her every day after she left the show. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. “We visited each other a couple of times. Then we met for New Year’s Eve, and right after the stroke of midnight, he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

Kurtis and Grace backstage at “Go-Big Show,” and in downtown Nashville on New Year’s Eve. (Photos courtesy of Grace Good)

Competing On ‘Go-Big Show’ Was Hard

Since Kurtis and Grace were pitted against each other on the show, they knew that one of them would have to leave the competition after the first round. Grace said thinking about this made her “stomach churn.”

“I was there to win, but my feelings for Kurtis were complicating that,” she said. “I told myself that maybe we’d tie—and we could both stay. It was emotional. Waiting backstage together before hearing the results was nerve-wracking. Our feelings were all tied up in knots. We both wanted to win, but we wanted the other person to win too. We wanted both of us to stay. It was an impossible situation.”


After Grace was eliminated from the competition, Kurtis said “the whole vibe felt different.” Grace was sad about leaving, but added how excited she was to see Kurtis move on.

“If I had to get beat, at least I lost to Kurtis,” she said. “It was a strange mixture of sadness and excitement. I’m competitive, and I like to win, but I was also thrilled to see Kurtis win. I love cheering him on! And honestly, when it comes down to what truly matters, we’re both winning.”


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Will Grace And Kurtis Combine Their Talents?

When asked if they would ever consider combining their talents for a show or performance, Grace said they would. In fact, they’ve already collaborated on TikTok.

“Check out the one where his flip is framed between the flaming ends of my dragon staff,” she said. “It would be amazing to do even more. We’re down for it! Action sport meets fire circus!”


In the meantime, they’ve been spending plenty of time together as a couple. Kurtis has visited Grace in Nashville and saw her perform in Las Vegas. They’ve also gone mountain biking and hiking together.

If you want to see even more of Grace and Kurtis, you can follow them on social media. Check them out on Instagram here and here, and on TikTok here and here. You can also watch Kurtis return to the show to compete in the semifinals later this season.

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