WATCH Insane Sword Swallower Lift Rosario Dawson With His Most Unexpected Body Part

Jill O'Rourke | Talent Recap

We’ve seen some crazy things on TBS’ Go-Big Show, but one of the craziest involved judge Rosario Dawson and a sword swallower. You’ve probably never seen anything like this before.

The sword swallower’s name is Andrew Stanton. Check out his dangerous performance in the video below, and read on to find out how the judges reacted to the wild audition.

Sword Swallower Lifts Rosario Dawson

Andrew asked for a volunteer from the judges’ panel to help him with his routine. None of the other judges wanted to do it, so Snoop Dogg volunteered Rosario Dawson. Andrew proceeded to tie her legs with rope.


Snoop Dogg remarked that it looked like she was going to get run over by train. Instead, Andrew had Rosario lie down on a mat while he attached a chain to her waist. He then stuck a sword down his throat before lifting Rosario up.

But Andrew didn’t lift her using his arms. Instead, he balanced hooks on his face, just under his eyes. The judges, including Rosario, were totally freaked out by the performance. “Is it over?” Snoop asked, looking like he was going to throw up.

Did Andrew Make It On ‘Go-Big Show’?

After the performance, Snoop Dogg said it was “hard to watch” and then it was “hard not to watch.” Andrew was up against a magician named Scott Anderson. The judges gave both of them a score of 95.


In order to break the tie, host Bert Kreischer flipped a coin. Andrew won, meaning he got to move on to the semifinals. We’ll see him again when the next round of the competition rolls around.

Andrew holds a couple of world records, including one for most weight pulled with the eye sockets. (Check out the video above to see him pull a car the same way he lifted Rosario.) He also holds the record for “longest piece of metal to pass through the nose and mouth.”

It’s safe to say that Andrew has a lot more up his sleeve for when he returns to the show.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

Jill O’Rourke is a contributor at Talent Recap, writing news stories and recaps for shows like ‘AGT,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘American Idol.’ She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and Film Studies, and has been writing about pop culture since 2012, with previous bylines at Crushable and A Plus. Jill spends her free time binge-watching sitcoms and daydreaming about life as a hobbit

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