Top 10 Funniest Howard Stern Moments on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard Stern on the 'America's Got Talent' red carpetPhoto by Brian Killian/WireImage

Howard Stern had some memorably funny moments while sitting on the America’s Got Talent judging panel for four consecutive seasons. The radio personality shared his wide sense of humor on the biggest talent competition ever, and fans loved it.

Howard Stern’s 10 Funniest Moments on America’s Got Talent

1. Howard’s Personal Poop Doctor Auditions

Dr. Bob Baker is an gastroenterologist who auditioned for season eight of AGT. The moment the doctor walked out on stage, a look of surprise and embarrassment painted Stern’s face, who revealed that Dr. Baker is his personal doctor who performed a colonoscopy on him. Dr. Baker’s ventriloquism act with his puppet Sigmoid Colon only adds more humor to the moment.

2. He Uses His Golden Buzzer On Dustin’s Dojo

Dustin’s Dojo is a duo comedy act consisting of Dustin and his friend/student Terry, who auditioned for season nine of AGT. Their act includes breaking wood, throwing full-extension punches then finishing with Terry throwing salt in Dustin’s eyes. Judges Mel B and Heidi Klum didn’t quite understand the act, so Stern hit the Golden Buzzer for the act to push them into the next round.

3. Howard Shows Off His Dance Moves

When a dance group called The Savage Men auditioned for season seven of AGT, Stern couldn’t help but match their dance moves with his own. After all the judges buzzed the act of dancing and stripping to “Sexy And I Know It,” Stern ended up changing his decision to a “yes,” after dancing together in the encore.

4. Showing His Support For a Senior Super Fan

Jetta is a super fan who was excited to perform in front of Stern and dedicated her audition song “Hot Stuff,” to Stern. The radio personality joined Jetta on stage while she sings, dancing along as if he was serenading her.

5. Howard Loves Twerking

Professional twerker Stylish Talent performed what she does best during her audition finishing it off with a split. Perhaps none of the judges loved it more than Stern, who proceeded to twerk together with the contestant on stage.

6. Kissing a Fellow Judge On Live Television

After a brief disagreement earlier in the show, Stern and Mandel made up in the most surprising of ways, a kiss. After Mandel compliments Stern and a little encouragement from the fans the two would end up kissing each other.

7. Pulling a Card From Where?

After magician Mad Jack makes Stern’s chosen card disappear during his act on season nine of AGT, he makes it reappear in the most unexpected of places. With some assistance from host Nick Cannon, Stern was able to pull out the card from the contestant’s behind.

8. Magical Voice Doctor Tries to Turn Howard Into a Singer

The Magical Voice Doctor promised that if she could have just one session teaching Stern how to sing, then he would be singing like an angel. Unfortunately though, it seems one session isn’t enough to turn the radio host into a beautifully pitched singer.

9. Howard’s Dad Gives Fatherly Advice to a Contestant

After singer and dancer Ronald Charles’ act failed to impress the judges, Stern brought his father Ben Stern on stage to help Charles figure his career path. The contestant would then receive the tough loving that the King of All Media experienced from his dad.

10. Howard’s Favorite Act

Stern’s sense of humor is a defining factor for him, so it may come as no surprise that his favorite act involves a guy taking hits to his groin. The contestant’s act involves taking kicks and having a cinderblock broken by a sledgehammer over his groin. Stern was entertained and enjoyed the act giving him his “yes,” vote together with the other judges.

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