The ‘X-Factor’ UK Audition That Brought the Judges to Tears

The X Factor UK audition that brings you to tearsMatthew Honda | Talent Recap

The emotionally-charged X Factor UK audition came from season 14’s runner-up, Grace Davies. Despite the nervousness of performing in front of perhaps her most influential audience, the then-20-year-old songstress still delivers a moving performance. Singing an original song, viewers felt the raw emotion pouring out as she performs. With so much emotion carried through her voice, it’s no shock she brought tears to the judges’ eyes. 

‘X-Factor’s Grace Davies Gets Judges Tearing

Davies, no doubt, gave an amazing performance, also choosing to sing a self-written piece so personal to her. She poured her soul out for the judges, so much so that we could feel the emotion at home.

Her song, titled “Roots,” was one she wrote to prove naysayers wrong. She started singing in local pubs and restaurants and found a love for performing. However, she was discouraged from pursuing singing by “not just friends, but everybody” despite her love for performing.

Critics often told her she would be “doing that forever, singing Amy Winehouse in the corner of a pub.”

“Roots” came from her wish to do what makes her happy and be able to say “I did do it.” With all the emotion behind the song, Davies was able to express herself through her singing and floored the judges. The moving performance landed the X-Factor hopeful four astounding yes’s without a doubt. 


Davies ‘Roots’ Push her Forward

The amazing response given to her by the judges might have been the last motivational push she needed. Davies went on to finish as the runner-up on the 14th season of The X Factor UK. She even landed a deal with Cowell’s SYCO Music label.

This rural town girl, who worked at a warehouse while humbly singing, has come a long way and is an inspiration to pursue what you love. Davies now flaunts over a million listeners a year on Spotify and frequently releases new music.


Matthew Honda
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