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‘The Voice UK’ Is Back With More Incredible Blind Auditions

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If you thought last week’s installment of The Voice UK was spectacular, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson, Will.i.Am, and Tom Jones return to judge a whole new group of aspiring singers. Many a chair turned.


Bukky Oronti

At only 16 this girl can seriously sing. In fact, both Tom and Jen thought she was a duet. How many people can say they sound like two people harmonizing? She sang Say Something by A Great Big World and ended up on team Jennifer. This is the right choice.

Connie Lamb

Connie is a decent singer, but she seemed nervous and unsure of herself. The Voice team will help her out with that. She sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and really impressed Olly. He has no one on his team after two shows. Luckily, Connie picked him over Tom.

Cedric Neal

Cedric got the first chair turn this episode as he sang Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder. All four judges were up and dancing. They all made their cases but Tom clinched it when he talked about having worked with Stevie Wonder. Is there anyone Tom Jones hasn’t worked with? Cedric picked team Tom.

Grace Latchford

This young woman has guts. Unlike the American version of The Voice where you are not allowed to sing original songs until the end, Grace auditions with one. It was called Love Says and was a pretty decent song for a 17-year-old. You should have heard the grunge songs I wrote at 17. At any rate, she ended up on team Tom.

Emanuel Smith

This fool can sing. He did a song we’re sick of hearing, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, but it was still really nice. This got him a four chair turn but it was between Jennifer and Will. He eventually picked Will, which I’m not sure is the right choice.


The Flat Pack

Another trio hits the stage singing Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra from Guys and Dolls. Fun fact: In the movie version Marlon Brando sang this song while Frank hung around in the background. At any rate, they took us back to the swinging days of the Rat Pack and it was a lot of fun. Will they go far? Probably not, but whatever. they joined team Olly.

No Chair Turns

Chris Daly

Chris is stuck in the 90’s and it shows. He’s stuck in the days of Oasis, Blur, and Coldplay. He sang Lucky Man by The Verve which just proves my point. He got no chair turns.

Dean Mac

This guy is a total tool. He’s one of those DJ’s that thinks he’s hot crap but it just another spinner wearing too much Axe Body Spray. He sang Pony by Genuine…which is a weird thing to sing on The Voice. Unsurprisingly, he got no chair turns.

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