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‘The Voice’ Recap: Reba McEntire Blocks John Legend From Soulful Singer

Reba McEntire on 'The Voice'Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

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The Voice returned to NBC on Monday with yet another Four-Chair turn audition to kick off the night. With the auditions coming to an end soon, fans were excited to see which singers would join each team, ahead of the Battle Rounds. Fans were also eager to see Reba McEntire hit her block for the first time ever.

Audition Episode Begins With Insane Four-Chair Turn

The episode began with an amazing singer, who quickly turned the chairs of both Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Soon after, both Niall Horan and Reba McEntire turned for the singer as well. There was no denying that Lila Forde was an absolute star in her Blind Audition.

The coaches all fought pretty hard for Lila, but each continued to compliment the same thing, her overall tonality. Stefani even called the singer her “dream voice girl.” As the compliments were being given to Lila, she didn’t budge on which team she wanted to join. In the end, she picked Team Legend. This pick totally made sense, since Legend mentioned how he used to perform hotel gigs, like she does now.

Former Acapop Kids! Member Auditions for The Voice

Ahead of his Blind Audition, Tanner Massey, explained that he was apart of the America’s Got Talent group when he was younger, and even was in one of their viral videos. Before his performance of “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi, he explained that he wanted to turn Horan’s chair.

He felt a deep connection with the former One Direction singer due to his age, and tonality. Not to mention, Horan is friends with Capaldi, so he flexed that he would send Tanner’s performance to the original singer. I think that Tanner’s mind was made before Horan even turned his chair, but he had the options of both McEntire and Stefani.

Beautiful Soul Singer Catches Attention of All Coaches

The next Four-Chair turn auditioner of the episode was Jarae Womack. The Miami, Florida singer sang a slowed down, silky rendition of “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. Legend and Horan turned their chairs for Jarae first, followed by McEntire and Stefani.

This soul singer truly was the moment. This Blind Audition was insane, and I’m surprised the coaches didn’t turned their chairs sooner. From Jarae’s first note, it was clear that she’s a seasoned performer. After all the coaches complimented her soulful style, Jarae decided to join Team Legend.

Reba McEntire Finally Uses Her Block

The country crooner has officially hit her Block of the season. McEntire’s highly anticipated Block came during Brandon Montel’s Blind Audition. In their audition, they sang “Hard Place” by H.E.R. McEntire watched Legend win various other Four-Chair turns this episode, so it’s no surprise she finally hit the Block button on a soulful singer.

Legend immediately reacted to McEntire’s block, by getting out of his red chair to throw a bit of a tantrum. Lucky for Legend, he’ll have the opportunity to steal Brandon from McEntire in the Battle Rounds.

After all of the coaches complimented Brandon, the singer was able to pick their team. After McEnitre’s block, Brandon decided to join Team Gwen.

The episode finished off with the show’s early release singer, Nini Iris. After this singer’s Blind Audition was published on The Voice‘s YouTube Channel early, fans have been dying to know which team Nini would pick. Now, it’s been revealed that she chose Team Niall.

The Voice returns to NBC for two, one hour episodes on Tuesday, October 10. The 8 p.m. episode is The Voice Auditions Part 5 The Cutdown. In the past, the cutdown episodes are more or less a hour long recap of the night before. Auditions part 6 will begin at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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