The Talent Recap Show: Did The Wrong Singer Go Home And Why Is Idol Dissing Maddie Poppe?

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In this week’s action-packed edition of The Talent Recap Show, Mel and I tackle some serious ish that went down on Sunday’s American Idol. Not only were fans mega pissed about who was eliminated, but many believe the current Idol champ, Maddie Poppe, is being treated like a Sanjaya when she’s really a Carrie Underwood.

First let’s talk about the eliminations. America picked Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy, and Madison Vandeburg. No surprise there. But then they also chose for Wade Cota to go through as well. Many fans have been telling us for weeks that they don’t get why Wade has hung on when other singers were eliminated. That left Laci and Jeremiah in the bottom and to everyone’s surprise, (including Laci’s), Jeremiah was sent home. This is a friggin’ tragedy. That man can sing and he would have made a great American Idol. The interesting thing is that the fan reaction was more anti Wade than anti Laci, even though she’s the one who beat him out. At any rate, we’re all going to have to try and live in a non-Jeremiah Idol world.

Then there is the problem of last season’s champ, Maddie Poppe. She was supposed to come on and debut her new single in the finale. She was also going to preview it during Disney week. Instead she got one performance of Whole New World with Caleb and that’s it. But third place winner Gabby Barrett did in fact get to appear and show off her new single. Maddie and her fans were none to happy. Do you think Idol did her wrong? Let us know in the comments on the video above.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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