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The Recap Room: Spilling The AGTea — Simon’s Most Memorable Acts

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America’s Got Talent returned to NBC on July 25 with Simon Cowell’s Most Memorable Auditions. This episode was a total blast to the past, that our staff loved. This season, Talent Recap staff members will take turns talking about AGT on our new podcast, The Recap Room.

The eighth episode of The Recap Room features Talent Recap video editor Julian Meja, YouTube content manager Kayla Ciaramella, and website managing editor/YouTube host Corey Cesare. Within the podcast, the team talks about their opinions on Simon’s Most Memorable Moments on AGT season 18.


This Episode Was a Major, Fun Throwback

This past week of America’s Got Talent featured a brand new episode of Simon Cowell’s Most Memorable Auditions. Ahead of the show’s start, many were unaware of whether this was going to be another lists of Cowell’s favorite acts, but it wasn’t that at all. Although the episode definitely included some of his favorites, some were included because of they are entertaining.

For those who may have missed the last episode, Cowell’s most memorable acts were (in order of last to first): Ichikawa Koikuchi, Chapel Hart, Tape Face, Calum Scott, Avery Dixon, Ashleigh and Pudsey, Ben Lapidus, The Sacred Riana, Drake Milligan, Zurcaroh, Shin Lim, Archie Williams, Men with Pans, The Mayyas, Musa Motha, and Susan Boyle. The mix of contestants was truly great, since some were from AGT, and others were from BGT.

The group agreed for the most part, in regards to Cowell’s pick. The most agreed upon acts were Zurcaroh, Calum Scott, Avery Dixon, Shin Lim, Musa Motha, and Susan Boyle. Corey, Julian, and Kayla agreed that these contestants were some of the best of the best.


Susan Boyle Deserved Her Place as No. 1

Shocking involvements included Tape Face, Ashleigh and Pudsey, The Sacred Riana, Men With Pans, and Ben Lapidus. Although these were some of the groups’ favorite acts, they were shocked to see Cowell agree with their judgement. Specifically, they commented on how Cowell didn’t seem to like Ben Lapidus, yet he made this elite group of contestants.

When the episode was finally over, all three of the hosts felt content with Susan Boyle as the most memorable act. There’s no denying that Boyle was the act that truly launched the series success. Coming into the audition looking like an incredibly normal woman, leaving as a critically acclaimed singer, she changed the series for the better.

Although this wasn’t another episode of auditions, it was truly enjoyable to watch some of the best moments even on AGT and BGT. This week off from auditions was well curated, but many fans cannot wait for the next round of auditions, set to premiere on Tuesday, August 1.

What did you think of Simon Cowell’s Most Memorable Auditions on AGT and BGT? Did you love this blast to the past episode? Let us know in the comments down below.

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