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‘The Masked Singer’s’ Dionne Warwick is Queen of the Twitter World

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The Masked Singer’s Dionne Warwick was already a music legend before revealing she was the Mouse on Season 3 of the hit show. Warwick was one of the first Black women to crossover into mainstream music in the 60s. Many consider her one of the best female vocalists to ever chart. Warwick’s classical style mixed with the soulfulness that comes with singing R&B made her standout during her 60 years in the music industry. She has gone on to star in shows like The Apprentice and The Masked Singer, but the new generation is learning who Warwick is in another way. Thanks to Twitter, Warwick has seen her career back in the spotlight.

It seems like Warwick’s tweets go viral every other day. She spars with large corporations over their products, and from time to time has to get sassy with some of her followers.

The Twitter Sensation’s Best Tweets:

If She Doesn’t Want to Follow You, She Wont.

Warwick is bombarded with requests from people on Twitter. Many of them beg her to follow them. Most of the time she doesn’t. This Twitter user would not get the hint and tried to guilt trip Warwick by bringing up her good friend, Gladys Knight. Warwick’s response was simple, yet effective.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

In the midst of social media’s obsession with having bios, Warwick had to let the people of Twitter know that she was the queen of music. The 81 year old told us all to Google her, which should have been a given.

Warwick Needs Answers

It’s not uncommon for Warwick to tweet some of today’s biggest stars. In fact, she released her single “Nothing’s Impossible,” with Chance The Rapper after connecting with him on Twitter. The afternoon on March 8, rap star Lil’ Yachty was on Warwick’s radar. The rules of not calling rappers by their government name does not apply to the legendary singer.

Warwick Needs Answers Part Two

Pop singers have to answer to Warwick too. It doesn’t matter if you have the number one song on the billboard chart. Newcomer Olivia Rodrigo should feel proud that Warwick felt the emotion of her hit song.

She Will Make a Fool Out of You

The internet is quick to try and kill off our legends. When Warwick found this clickbait piece, she debunked and discredited the source by playing their game.

She is Relatable

Warwick tweeted what we all wanted to tweet during the Pandemic. We all over indulged during the height of Covid- 19. We were on lockdown and Warwick felt the same way we all did.

She’s on TikTok

Just because Warwick is on TikTok doesn’t mean she is ready to take on any of the dance challenges. Twitter is a wild place, and for some reason people wanted to see our music icon try a challenge that many of us cannot do.

She’s a Trendsetter

Warwick set fashion trends back in the 60’s and now she is taking on Twitter. In one of her first tweets, the singer was ready to change the lingo we have all become used to. Her fans were ready to send out Twerts all night.

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