‘The Masked Singer’ Fan-Favorite is Unmasked After Spoiling Elimination

Samantha Agate
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The Masked Singer Feisty Five episode was full of fun performances and some major disappointments. While the elimination was a bit of a letdown for some, the race to the finale is getting even more heated. Rob Riggle joined the show this week as a guest judge alongside, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong.

‘The Masked Singer’ Russian Dolls Spoiled Their Elimination Before The Show

While fans were probably supposed to be shocked that The Russian Dolls were eliminated from The Masked Singer tonight, we saw it coming just hours before. They were certainly a standout act in the competition. But when Hanson released a brand new song earlier today, fans already began speculating they would be eliminated from the show.

This elimination was a bit underwhelming because of this and we are sure that it was supposed to be the most shocking elimination of the season. Hanson definitely saw releasing music a few hours before the show aired as an opportunity to get more exposure.

The Russian Dolls performance of “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John was a fantastic way to open up the show and one of the highlights of the night. The Union Jack covered the stage and they accessorized with feathered boas. This is probably the most production they have ever had during any of their performances on The Masked Singer and it’s a shame they were sent home.

The coolest part of The Russian Dolls clue package was when they showed what they can actually see when they step inside the costume. This probably will not come as a surprise but their vision is very limited in the costume with netting over the eye holes. The Masked Singer does not play around when it comes to their elaborate costumes and keeping anonymity.

This week each contestant got to read a piece of fan mail to help give more clues to their identities. The Russian Dolls struggled to open their mail and joked that Nick Cannon couldn’t read it out because it is a felony. Sometimes being in a huge costume means you have tiny arms.

It was pretty funny that the fans were able to figure this elimination out just hours before it happened on television. Never underestimate fans of the ‘Masked’ universe.

The Judges Guesses are Getting Even More Ridiculous

With all that being said, one of the more rocky performances of the night was definitely The Black Swan. We’re all for remixing songs and making them your own on talent shows but this arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” was just simply put, not great. The Black Swan is a great singer but her lower register is not her strength. Her higher range is what will win her the competition.

In a very normal turn of events, Jeong had to make a ridiculous guess and say that Dua Lipa is underneath The Black Swan mask. Dua is literally so famous she probably doesn’t know what The Masked Singer is. The show gives celebrities the ability to launch their careers again, an area that Dua does not need any help in at all.

Keeping with the trend of ridiculous guesses, McCarthy thinks The Piglet is Nick Lachey while Jeong guessed it is Jeremy Renner. On a show where the biggest celebrity unmasking was Kermit the Frog this is just bizarre.

In between the performances, the judges toyed with Jeong’s emotions by having Riggle sign autographs. It was a hilarious moment where Jeong looked more jealous than ever before.

The Cluedle-Doo Interrupts the Competition with Some Mysterious Clues

After The Yeti’s very emotional performance, The Cluedle-Doo decided to make another one of his very confusing appearances. The Cluedle-Doo told the judges they are pathetic detectives. Next week he will be appearing one more time before revealing his true identity.

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