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The Final Quarterfinals Round Of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Recap


Last night was the last quarterfinal round for this year’s America’s Got Talent and it was an evening to remember. The competition is as fierce as we’ve ever seen. All of the acts are worthy to go on to the semi-finals, but only seven can move forward. Which ones will they be?

Greater Works

A gospel choir singing a song from Grease? Who would have thought that could work so well? People got the spirit. Howie felt born again. What more can you say?

Junior and Emily 

I would never have imagined that a brother and sister could have this much chemistry and spark. As dance acts go they were electric and the judges fell in love with them.

Final Draft

These guys are like the new Boys II Men. But the judges had a mixed reaction to them. Simon thinks the beginning was weak but they ended on a high note, (see what I did there?).

Oscar Hernandez

What can you say about this dude? I’m still shocked that a man that size can move like that. As Simon said, “Big is beautiful.” Of all the dance acts, I can see him going all the way to the finals.

Angelina Green

She’s cute, she has a great voice, but her performance was underwelming. I think her nerves definitely got in the way. She’s 13 and on national TV, who can blame her? Of all the kid singers she might be the first to go.

Colin Cloud

Look, there is no doubt that Colin’s mentalist act is really cool. His bit about murdering Simon was interesting. The problem is that it went on waaaayyy too long and was kind of confusing. He stuffed it too full of things.

Mike Yung 

This subway singer brought it last night. If this man doesn’t win the competition he deserves a record contract from someone. It’s only right.

Oskar and Gaspar

Their projections on the body of two models was astounding but at the end of the day is a special effects show really a performance in the same sense as singing or dancing? I felt about it like I did about Avatar. Sure, it’s visually stunning but kind of meh.

Sara Carson and Hero

Sara has trained these dogs to do things most human dancers and acrobats couldn’t accomplish. Rarely have I seen a synthesis of animal and humans working together so seamless. I wouldn’t be surprised if she moves on to the semis.

Chase Goehring

He writes his own songs, he sings, he raps and wowed the judges. Whoever that girl is who broke his heart and inspired his songs is probably kicking herself right now. He’s definitely moving forward.


Their act is like a less creepy Cirque de Soliel. I can see these guys having a long running act in Vegas. As for winning? I don’t know.


Simply astounding. Kechi has been through so much but it’s not just her sad story that has propelled her this far. She’s got the chops. Her voice and performance were spot on. Not only is she going to move forward, she might win the whole thing.

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