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Talent Show Showdown: The World’s Best vs. America’s Got Talent vs. The Masked Singer – Who Wins?

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Talent Show Showdown: The World’s Best, America’s Got Talent, and The Masked Singer battle it out to see who’s the top dog of talent competition shows. Who will prevail?

‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’ on NBC

America's Got Talent Champions

We already know that America’s Got Talent feels a little intimidated by The World’s Best stepping into their territory as a a variety talent competition. As a result, they’ve reacted by introducing AGT: Champions in hopes of boosting their ratings.

America’s Got Talent is fighting fire with fire by amping up their already impressive show. First off, AGT has the added component of bringing international champions to match the “olympic” feel of World’s Best. Though we’ve seen a reaction from the folks at AGT, ratings have been quite stable since the inception of the show. Let’s be honest here, AGT needs no assistance when it comes to viewership.

The AGT franchise has dominated the talent show competition world since its premiere. There really hadn’t been a show of this nature out there. It appears those days are finally coming to an end because everyone wants a piece of that talent show pie!

‘The Masked Singer’ on Fox

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is another contender for the upcoming World’s Best, in that they are both battling for main spot on the primetime lineup of Wednesday night television. The real question here is, who will take the 8pm slot and who will take the 9pm slot?

Fox’s latest hit is counting on it’s fresh new take on reality competition shows to bring millions of viewers. They believe their quirky and mysterious take on talent competitions is enough to bring in viewers who are used to the same old song-and-dance they’ve seen for the past 2 decades.

New components to the traditional concept like whimsical costumes, and eye-popping visuals are succeeding in attracting new demographics. In addition to creating their very own lane, The Masked Singer is also raking in massive views.

‘The World’s Best’ on CBS

The World's Best

The World’s Best is setting themselves up for success by airing their premiere episode right after the Super Bowl. A fool proof strategy to reign in viewers.

The new Fox sensation will welcome contestants from all across the globe to compete in a showdown to see who, and where the most jaw-dropping talent will come from. Viewers will not only be able to root for their favorite contestant, but also the country in which they come from. The addition of nationalistic pride will surely attract new viewers who want to know where the worlds greatest talent actually comes from.

The newly developed show started off by matching it’s competitors star power with enormous talent at the judges table. Fox hired the blockbuster actress Drew Barrymore, country singer Faith Hill, and drag queen icon Ru Paul to critique the international talent. For the icing on the cake we have the charismatic James Corden as the host of the new show.

The contestants will face the additional challenge of being judged by what The World’s Best calls, “The Wall of the World”. The “Wall of the World” is a panel of 50 experts from around the world who specialize in various fields of entertainment.

The fact that The World’s Best is a brand new show is another draw for fans of reality talent competition. Viewers are always keen to see what new fresh angles upcoming shows have to offer to the entertainment community. The suspense is building, and we will see if the promise of a new talent sensation will come to fruition.

These three shows have a harsh battle for ratings coming this season and only one can take the top spot.

Which one of these great talent competiotin shows is your favorite?

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