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Talent Recap’s Interview With ‘The X Factor UK’ Contestant Slavko Kalezic


We see a lot of performers here at Talent Recap as we cover these shows but I can honestly say that we’ve never seen anybody like Slavko Kalezic. His act is…unique. The Montenegrin club singer is finally getting his big break on The X Factor UK and we talked to him about his experience.

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Slavko represented Montenegro at last year’s Eurovision contest. It was there that he met and charmed one Louis Walsh. On Saturday’s auditions show he got four yeses after shocking and delighting the judges with his wacky act. A couple of months ago, superfan and Talent Recap European contributor Alex Giannousis caught up with the ponytail-swinging singer after a show in Bern, Switzerland. Here’s what he had to say about what’s coming up on The X Factor UK.

Slavko, what was it like being on Eurovision and what  did you take away from the experience?

It is surely an experience I´ll never forget. The fans are crazy! The atmosphere when you perform your song is unbelievable. I am so blessed I was able to join the contest and represent my country in front of the whole world!

If you would get an offer to enter the Eurovision contest again would you take it?

Well, this is a really hard question to answer. Sure, it was an incredible time of the year, everyone was so excited, and memories from this show will never be forgotten. I don’t know where I am gonna be in the future, but I am working hard now to do the best for myself. If I get this offer in the future, we’ll see what I choose.

We’re in Switzerland right now. How do you like the country?

Yeah, it is a beautiful country full of mountains. I feel like I’m at home because my country Montenegro also has beautiful mountains and lakes with incredible views. And also I’d like to include, I love the Swiss Chocolate, my favorite.

You auditioned on X Factor UK this year. What made you go and try this successful ITV Show?

I want to try new things and share my talent with others. I already got some experience with this kind of show, cause in 2013 i have been on X Factor Adria. I want to share my voice and talent with the UK, and to be honest, wanted to meet  Simon Cowell too, (laughing).

Is Simon your favourite judge?

Simon is honest, which is the main reason I love him as a judge.

What was the difference between X Factor Adria and X Factor UK audition?

Well, first of all X Factor UK is one of the biggest talent TV shows in the world. X Factor Adria is a show popular in the Balkans, but is mostly unknown. But I feel like I was more excited for X Factor UK. I am sure my Eurovision experience helped my confidence a lot so I was not nervous to audition.

What can we expect from your audition?

The viewers for sure have never seen something like this before on X Factor. I’ll perform Beyonce’s hit End of Time, hopefully my audition will get some attention from the world. I am excited to see people’s reaction and thoughts about it.

Would you spoil to us what the judges thought of your audition?

Well, I don’t want to spoil cause I want people to be excited. But I can tell you, the judges were really shocked and surprised cause they never seen something like this before, that’s why I entered The X Factor.  To bring something new to the show and have a hopefully further X Factor journey than I had in 2013 on X Factor Adria. My goal is to appear on the Live Shows and hopefully win the show!

Thank you Slavko for taking your time, we all from Talent Recap wish you the best of luck!

Thank you for the interview!

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