‘Songland’ Bebe Rexha Recap: History Is Made During This Exciting Episode

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Pop singer and former ‘Voice’ mentor Bebe Rexha is looking for her next great hit. She has written some super successful hits for other artists including Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and Eminem. She is taking things, to the next level on Songland and making history. Find out what happened for the first time ever on the show.

This episode was filmed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Bebe was seeking a song to perform at the Tokyo Olympics. They have been postponed to 2021.

Greg Scott Is Looking To Impress Bebe Rexha

Greg Scott has had his music featured in the Netflix show You. He has actually collaborated with producer Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic in the past. His song “Miracle” leaves the judges singing his praises. The song is about perseverance and getting another chance in life. However, Shane feels like the verse does not feel current. Bebe loves the melody and the hook and says that he already has the foundation of the song. This created an epic sing-along moment with all of the producers and dissected the song in the most positive way. Bebe even got on the mic and sang her own version of the song after Greg left the room. This song is definitely a true contender on Songland and Bebe already sounds fantastic singing it. He will be moving on to work with Ryan Tedder.


‘AGT’ Favorite Anna Graceman Makes Her ‘Songland’ Debut

When she auditioned for ‘AGT’ at 11 years old, Anna Graceman became a phenomenon after singing Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” She also made an appearance on The Ellen Show. Now based in Nashville, she has released music under her own record label Another Girl Records. Her song is called “Gold.” She has faced a lot of struggles being denied as a songwriter and it’s about getting back up again and chasing your dreams. Bebe loved the melodies on the first verse and the chorus. But she feels like the hook needs more power. Shane thinks the song can get bigger and thinks the song is too on the nose. Ester thinks they really need to work on some more energetic lyrics. Bebe says the song has a lot of potential. She will be moving on to work with Shane McAnally.

Alyssa Newton Has Always Wanted To Be A Songwriter Her Whole Life

Alyssa Newton currently lives in Nashville and studied songwriting in college. She has dreamed to do music since she was a little girl. Being at Songland is such a huge moment for her. Her song “Made For Something” is about believing in yourself and having confidence and purpose. Bebe really loves the sentiment of the song but she feels like the song won’t hype up the Olympics crowd enough. Shane thinks the lines could be grittier and more catchy. Unfortunately she will not be moving on to work with the producers.

Josh Vida Has A Romantic Song To Share

Josh Vida fronted a band called VIDA up until 2015. But now he is a solo artist and songwriter looking to make it big. He is heavily influenced by Ryan in his music. His song is called “Crazy Enough.” Ryan does not see this song sung at the Olympics but thinks they can make the necessary changes to fix this. The producers agree that they should speed up the tempo. He will be moving on to work with Ester Dean in the studio.

Anna Graceman (With Shane McAnally)

Shane has some ideas for a new hook. He wants to make the word “bones” the hook of the song. They are still using the original chord progression of the song with heavier drums and guitars. Shane wants every word to have meaning and tell a story. The new song includes a choir with more instrumentation and production. It has been renamed to “Bones.”

Josh Vida (With Ester Dean)

Ester wants to make the song more catered to the Olympics. She wants to make it a more motivational song and take out any fearful or doubtful words. The song is less about a relationship and the new name of the song is “Sideline.”

Greg Scott (With Ryan Tedder)

The pair worked on simpler melodies to make the chorus shine more. The new melody is something that people will really be able to get into now. Ryan changes the production on the track completely and uses acoustic guitar instead of electric. Bebe is a huge fan of the chorus and the drop in the song.

And The Winning Song Is…

Here’s where things got interesting. Bebe wanted to take Shane and Anna’s lyrics and put them on Ryan and Greg’s melody. This fusion of both songs made Songland history. This has never ever happened on the show before. It really shows what kind of amazing artist and songwriter Bebe is. So, both “Bones” by Anna Graceman and Shane McAnally and “Miracle” by Greg Scott and Ryan Tedder are winners! Bebe loves the verse of “Bones” and the lyrics and the melodies. The hook of “Miracle” is so catchy and motivating so she absolutely had to find a way to fuse the two. Take a listen to this mash-up that Bebe Rexha created below that will surely be your new favorite summer song.



Songwriting takes a team of people and this episode really demonstrated that. This is the ultimate music collaboration and it’s incredible that both artists got a chance to shine. Tune in to Songland next week to see Broadway superstar Ben Platt look for his next big hit.

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