Instagram Blocks The Winner Of ‘Songland’ On The Day Of Her Win With Martina McBride

Songland Halie Martina McBride

Halie Wooldridge had a life-changing day yesterday as her song “Girls Like Me” was chosen by Martina McBride on Songland. Unfortunately, Halie could not celebrate this moment with her Instagram followers because her account has been blocked. She was very emotional about this after such an amazing moment that she wanted to share with her followers.

Halie Wanted To Talk To Fans After Her ‘Songland’ Win

Halie was accused by Instagram for using a third-party app. She said it usually happens when she likes things too fast or comments on things too fast. Obviously it was a big day for Halie so she was trying to interact with her fans as much as possible. She was also trying to follow a lot of people back. Halie wanted to post some stuff to her account about her appearance on the show but was not allowed to. Can you imagine having such a huge moment in your songwriting career and not being able to post about the amazing experience you had? She was able to post a promo before the show aired, but will be banned until May 11th from posting any further.

Halie was able to use her Instagram story to thank fans for sending her such moving DM’s and showing so much support. This is the day that meant the most to her and people just wanted to show her how inspiring her story is. She watched her magical moment on television when it aired and her joy was contagious. Her positive spirit about the whole thing is really telling to how badly she wants this career in music and will definitely lead to a lot of success in the future.


Halie Brought A Young & Fresh Perspective To Country Music

Halie is a 19-year-old from Missouri who now lives in Nashville. She quickly realized that there are so many people in Nashville that also want to become songwriters. Halie has a tremendous love for music and we have to say that there is no better person to sing her song other than Martina McBride. She says that music has “brought her every blessing in life.” Halie’s brother Michael Tyler is a very successful songwriter. Michael had two of his songs reach number one on the Country Billboard charts. Halie came to Songland to with the song “Girls Like Me.” It was originally about how some girls are afraid to be themselves because of what other people think of them. But, she wanted to highlight that nobody is perfect and that’s ok. 

Her goal coming into Songland was to get her song on the radio which is hard because country radio is dominated by males. The producers loved the melody of the song in her first performance. She worked with Ester Dean in the studio to tailor the song from the perspective of Martina. Martina is a mother of three girls so they wanted to play into the fact that she has so many life experiences and that the possibilities are endless for young women.

Martina McBride’s Version Of Halie’s Song Is Topping The Charts

Honestly, “Girls Like Me” was the clear winner from the start. Ester Dean truly is an amazing lyricist and was able to tweak the lyrics and make the song more emotional. So much so that it made Martina cry. If a song is good enough to make a country superstar cry, then it is no doubt an incredible song. Today “Girls Like Me” is ranked #2 on the iTunes Country Chart and #4 on iTunes Overall Chart. Martina also put out this video to go along with the song. It has a really catchy melody and we can totally see an entire stadium of people singing along to it.

Whether or not she is allowed on Instagram right now, Halie is truly a talented songwriter. And when she does gain access to her account again we cannot wait to see more behind-the-scenes pics and moments from her time on Songland.


This isn’t the first country song from Songland to top the charts this season. In the season premiere, Lady Antebellum’s “Champagne Night” reached #1 on the iTunes Overall Chart, Country Chart, and Music Video Chart. It also debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales Chart.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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