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Sneak Peek: Simon Cowell Says Nerveless Nocks’s ‘AGT’ Audition “Went Horribly Wrong”

The Nerveless Nocks audition for 'America's Got Talent'Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC

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America’s Got Talent super fans will recognize a familiar act on the next episode of auditions this coming Tuesday. Father-daughter duo The Nerveless Nocks return to the stage for absolute redemption. They made their mark on AGT: Extreme, but do they have what it takes to win one million dollars?

For those who many not remember this group, The Nerveless Nocks is made up of father daughter duo, Angelina and Michelangelo Nock. Outside of AGT The Nerveless Nocks are a family daredevil group that dates all the way back to 1840, specializing in all types of circus acts. The group’s name was inspired by Queen Elizabeth, who called Michelangelo’s father “simply nerveless.”

On AGT: Extreme, Angelina and Michelangelo showed off their talent by performing tricks on an 80 foot sway pole. Once atop of the poles, they began swaying back and forth before performing upside down tricks. Their most nerve wracking trick featured them switching poles high above the ground. At the end, they death dropped the entirety of the pole.

Angelina and Michelangelo impressed the judges with their extreme talent. They earned three yeses and went into the next round of the competition. Unfortunately, due to the show’s format, fans were unable to see any other performances from The Nerveless nocks on AGT: Extreme.



Simon Cowell Says Their Act “Went Horribly Wrong”

Earlier this year, Simon Cowell gave some insight on the AGT season before it began. While talking about some of the best acts, he mentioned one that went horribly wrong. Unfortunately, it seems like The Nerveless Nocks will have an accident on stage.

“Two people went up a very, very, very high pole. I mean, it’s difficult to describe, but it was very scary and it nearly went wrong, and it was a father and a daughter, and they’re like 300 feet, 400 feet in the air,” Cowell said. “One of them is blindfolded, and then she got nervous. It was just, it nearly went horribly wrong.”

He considered the act to be the most terrifying of the season. The judge revealed that once they came down he asked what went wrong, and they told him that she lost her composure due to nerves at the top. Apparently, they talked about not finishing the act while in the air.

I loved their AGT: Extreme performance, so It’s sad to hear that The Nerveless Nocks might be not-so-great on the next episode of AGT. Their act was beyond flawless at 80 feet on AGT: Extreme, so we’re interested to see their AGT audition since they’re possibly travelling to larger heights and adding blindfolds. Tune into America’s Got Talent on Tuesday, August 2 to see their audition.

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